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Whittle Waffle Episode 8: 2000AD and Farscape and Knitting OH MY!

Welcome to episode 8 of Whittle Waffle! 

This week I have been Waffling about:
Stuff I have read Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (excerpt read by the exception Anna Massey HERE) 2000AD The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Wakenhyrst by Michelle Paver - excerpt available HERE
Stuff I have Listened to Dead Beat by Val McDermid Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch read by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith Geek Syndicate videos and more HERE
Stuff I have Watched The Guest

Farscape Season 3

Murder she effing Wrote!

Frozen 2 (my fav song)


Knitting and Spinning
Sock knit with hand dyed yarn from Fondant Fibre (on the sock blocker above) and Holst Garn Cabled Sock pattern by Rhian Drinkwater pattern HERE and yarn from the knitting goddess Latu hat pattern HERE can't remember the yarn though Peach spinning fibre by Witchcrafty Lady shop is HERE Bluey/grey/slubby silk fibre by Cat and Sparrow shop is HERE Southdown fibre on the bobbin is Hilltop Cloud shop is HERE

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Whittle Waffle Episode 7: The One With the Seaming

Back with another chatty, geeky talk about my reading, listening, watching and crafting activities!

This time I have been reading:Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris The Rockton Series by Kelley Armstrong Distant Echo and Darker Domain by Val McDermid and ...
Cooking the Books in the Fiction Kitchen with Val McDermid and Professor Jo Sharp. (my fav ep)
Listening to:Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett narrated by Celia Imrie (<3)  More from the Marple Casebook by BBC 


Farscape (S3)

KnittingThe Knit Girllls Knitting Vicariously Stranded Podcast
Finished projects:

Current project is mystery socks by Rhian Drinkwater ravelry pattern

Whittle Waffle Episode 6: Be Vigilant, Be Pure and Stay Alert

The date was actually 10th May, who even knows anymore?!

Things That I ReadTim and the Hidden People The Mysterious Affair at Styles click to read it for free Blackberry Wine click for blurb and interview with Joanne Harris
Things I Listened To Dirk Gently click for BBC radio info and behind scenes info BBC radio production of Poirot click to listen to Lord Edgeware Dies for free
Things I Watched (all trailers) Knives out

Afterlife S2


Knitting and Spinning
EEW Nano e spinning wheel Effortless Cardi Cat and Sparrow yarn and fibre
ERRATA aka Mistakes I make in this ep!  I talk about how much I enjoyed the John Carpenter ep of FutureMan, I totally mean James Cameron. I also talk about the direction you should spin and ply and give entirely the wrong info. You do not spin and ply the same way as your fibre will be Over spun and will break. You are taking twist out not putting more in. I have not slept much recently. I think that is it but ye nah, can't guarantee it! 

Episode 5 : Talk Nerdy to Me

Things I read: Breakfast at Tiffany's Nora Roberts
Things I listened to: Cold Days by Jim Butcher The Devil you Know by Mike Carey Remains of the Day Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
Things I Watched
                                           One Mississippi
Stan Against Evil

Future Man

Toy Story 4

Other Geeky Stuff
Comic News Insider Flash Gordon Special CLICK HERE
Mega City Book Club: The Pit

KnittingTheGidday Cardi
The Effortless Cardi and The Maggie Cardi

Whittle Waffle Episode 4 : White Orbs of Doom

Things I talk about this time:   The Night Raven by Sarah Painter Tig Notaro The Dresden Files Doctor Strange Ant Man and The Wasp
My fav scene!
The World According to Jeff Goldblum
(Kevin Turvey Investigates)

Hero Quest (and thanks to James for sending me this link!)

The Gidday Cardi by Georgia Nicholson

Why knitting is good for you

How to knit.


Whittle Waffle Episode 2

YouTube offered me three choices of thumbnail and I swear this was the best one! Joyous

Some links
Stuff that I readAlice Hoffman
Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl Trailer

Stuff that I listened to
Mega City Book Club Stuff that I watched
KnittingSock Head Hat Third Vault Yarns Felix Pullover

Whittle Waffle THE RETURN!

It is my face!! And I'm back, well, we'll see how it goes but here is a pilot ep and hopefully it is just the same as the audio but with silly faces!

And many interruptions from my arse hole Cat!

Stuff I Read

Stuff I Listened To Shagged, Married Annoyed

                              Stuff what I watched