Thursday, 29 November 2012

Strictly - Finally!

A "Friends" style opening, I have to be honest I didn't think it was that great but Alice (nearly 12) thought it was hilarious and chortled so I have to approve.

1) Dani and Vincent - Samba
I really loved the routine with the hints of Beyonce in there. Her musicality is really good and I thought this a gorgeous sexy samba to start off proceedings. Dani also looked fabulous, I loved the frock.
Me - 9
Judges - 9,9,9,9,
Alice - 8

2) Kimberly and Pasha - Tango
LOVED it, insert Stacey's normal ravings about Pasha's brilliance at choreography and letting his partner shine. I loved the story, the routine, the music, the mood - everything. I thought it was shit hot!
Me  - 9
Judges - 8,9,8,9
Alice Revel Horwood - 8

*oh another racist remark by Bruce towards Pasha, I'm really finding that annoying - does anyone actually find the moron funny? Shuddap Lee.

3) Victoria and Brendan - Salsa
I think that the lifts were really, really good, but her hip action was woeful, she looks so stiff and awkward that it's almost uncomfortable to watch her. I think this may be the end of the race for our Vicky. Bless.
Me - 6
Judges - 4,6,6,5
Alice - 6

4) Louis and Flavia - Paso
The routine was beautiful and Louis is very elegant so this routine should have been on fire. It was a bit of a damp squib really though. They have absolutely no chemistry, no fire and no passion. Just a sort of robot blankness. It's so sad because they really should be jaw dropping!
Me - 7
Judges - 6,7,7,7
Alice - 7

5) Lisa and Robin - Rumba
Huuummmmm, ok I suppose. A very quiet dance but the Rumba is supposed to be quite sexy and romantic and though they tried with the romantic the sexy was totally missing. Not her dance at all, not awful but just ok.
Me - 7
Judges - 7,6,7,7
Alice - 7
*I loved the Bruno/Len giggle meltdown here with them actually hanging on to each other laughing, it was so cute

6) Michael and Natalie - Argentine Tango
Natalie appeared to be wearing Fern's Killer Queen outfit that had been through the shredder! I think Michael handled the lifts brilliantly, but the routine lacked the fire needed. I think both Louis and Michael need to go and watch Vincent shaking his tango butt and see how it's done!
Me - 7
Judges - 6,7,7,6
Alice - 8

7) Nicky and Karen - Charleston
Well, I thought his frame was quite wobbly and his shoulders were up once again masking his neck BUT it was really, really good. He kept lapsing into sort of boyband hiphop posture but for this dance it really worked. His performance was incredible as was his characterisation and the whole routine was gorgeously funny and cheeky and the lifts were fantastic. Really, really good job!
Me- 9
Judges - 9,9,9,9
Alice  - 9

8) Denise and James - American Smooth
My favourite dance of the evening, I actually welled up a little bit (shut yer face's or I'll knack yers up!) so elegant, smooth and romantic. I thought it exquisite. I have no bad things to say about any tiny wobble - sod that malarkey it was beautiful
me - 10
Judges - 9,9,9,10
Alice - 9


Opening Dance - I freaking loved it, those boys were amazing - there was no real need to bring in the female pros to be honest, they were great on their own. Really fantastic

Result 1 - Michael and Natalie (awwww)

Lens Lens - highlights for me were Bruno doing Beyonce and one again Len and Bruno's fit of giggling

Result 2 - Victoria and Brendan (expected but still awwww)

The Script - meh, but Pasha and Karen rocked the big one with bells on and no mistake. I loved them.

Dance Off - Michael severely upped his game here, he was great, he should win it. V&B let go of it, lots of mistakes.

Result - Victoria and Brendan are going, totally fair result, she did so, so well getting this far and she seems so sweet. Buh Bye Vicky we'll miss you.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Strictly Wembley

Wembley Week, wooohooo but booo are we here already? It's going too, too fast! So, I loved the judges intro and the pro's opening dance through the ages. The celebs in 80's stylee could've done a much better dance at this point surely? But the feeling of a "show" and spectacle were there and I totally enjoyed it.

But then sorrow of sorrows - Bruce is back with (oh for fucks sake!) more Gangnam Style? Really? Probably went down better with the live audience then it did with MY FACE!

1) Lisa and Robin - Samba
((perv alert))Well, I personally think Robin should wear this outfit all the time, and be all smeared in oil, it is a look which works very well for him! Also BLOODY HELL with the splits! I thought it could have been much sharper and was a little sloppy in places but the entertainment value was high. The camerawork was annoying again and remained so throughtout the entire show - grrrr
Me - 8
Judges - 8,8,8,8 (Tess did a funny joke, I forget what it was, but I'm sure she used the word "blimey" to great effect - Tess after how many years? has finally won me over, just a little bit - she's not Winkleman though but she's kind of alreet like)

2) Nicky and Karen - Jive
In parts he looked so comfortable that this dance looked almost naturalistic or ad libbed, then at other times his neck once again disappeared and he was stiff and awkward. There didn't seem much jiving to me but he really gave a good performance and I thought it was quite good.
Me - 7
Judges - 6,8,8,8

3) Denise and James - Charleston
Absolutely bloody wonderful! I loved this so much, it was joyous, fast, funny and perfectly syncronised. I loved the pared down version of the song, they were perfectly in time and it was just freaking marvellous! ((perv alert)) I also found James somewhat appealing in his BIG socks!
Me - 10
Judges - 9,10,10,10

4) Louis and Flavia  - American Smooth (mebbe)
I had to rewind this twice to make sure I had the right dance written down. I really think that dance looked like a quickstep. It was really fun and I enjoyed it very much the tricks and lifts. And I think Flavia choreographed that for maximum audience enjoyment rather than aiming it toward the judges. It was a dance that broke the rules really but it made for a good dance.
Me - 8
Judges - 7,8,8,7

 For an even better example of this I present you with this recent work of wonder. Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough from Dancing With The Stars dealing with the challenge of having an extra dancer. I put it here as Shawn is also an Olympic champion and our Louis could stand watching her kicking bottom. This is a "samba" which Len marked as a 7 for breaking the rules!

5) Richard and Erin - Salsa
The lighting effects were amazing during this routine, and somewhat of a blessed distraction. I don't want to use the word awful, but it was awful! And quite frankly the less said the better. I think it's time for Richard to go, as much as I love him, this just wasn't good enough
Me - 5
Judges - 5,6,7,6
6) Victoria and Brendan - Paso Double
Fooking loved Victoria's Freddie inspired outfit, she looked amazing! The dancing was ok, not geet totally awful but not great. A bit nowt or summat to be honest with you. Not even ((perv alert)) .Brendans bum could really save it. Poor Brendan, fell over last week and took a cape to the face this week. Surely next week has to go right for both of them? Fingers crossed
Me - 6
Judges - 5,6,7,6
7) Dani and Vincent - Quickstep
Dani did such a good job of keeping her top line (ooooh get me!) nice and quiet and letting her feet do all the work. This was elegant and poised and not even a hint of butch. Beautiful, light and fast I really loved this. I do think the wardobe ladies must hate Vincent though, that pink suit - urgh!
Me - 9
Judges - 9,9,9,9
8) Kimberly and((ooer really big perv alert)) Pasha - (I was furious about the Bruce's really rather racist comments but will give him not a jot more of my attention here) Samba
Best samba of the series so far bar none. The worst bit of this dance was realising it happened five days ago therefore I coouldn't vote for her. The minx! FAB-U-LOUS!
Me - 9
Judges - 8,8,9,9
9) Michael and Natalie - American Smooth
A more traditional American Smooth here, a real sense of glamour and finale. I liked the chorus girls which helped with that too. I really didn't agree with Bruno, I thought those lifts looked beautiful and effortless and I really love watching Michael do ballroom. Fantastic
Me - 9
Judges - 9,9,9,8

The Results

Opening dance was brilliant - I loved it. Also I loved Tess' dress, it was more relaxed and Winklemanny. I approve.
Result 1 - Richard and Erin - Unsurprising really, their dance was a bit poo.
Girls Aloud - well I really rather enjoyed that, usually I am far more rock chick than pop princess usually but I did enjoy watching the girls back together again.
Lens Lens - Bruno's bumper car face was comedy genius as indeed was Louis doing the robot - I loved that! Bruno and Craig in their harness' made me snort my wine in a manner unbecoming an Strictly blogger. Such fun
Result 2 - Nicky and Karen - I think this is a very fair bottom two to be honest with you.
Winklemanisms  - "Awww I really want to see you cry" to Louis
Kylie - really dull, moving on
Leaving us now is - Richard and Erin. Sad and I love him but I think it was time. Buhbye Richard we have loved you.
( in my notebook I seem to have written in my unintelligible scrawl "Big fish - that was awesome" and can any of you deny that eh? Eh?) See you back here in a matter of HOURS.
 Again sorry for extreme lateness due to THOUGHTBUBBLE awesomeness. You can hear what I got up to here - no here
and read about the British Comic Awards (I was honoured to be a judge for this inaugral year) over on my blog for SFX Magazine here


Monday, 19 November 2012


I'm afraid this weeks Strictly blog will be very late. With Thought Bubble and fantastic company all weekend I have not had an opportunity to even watch Strictly yet (I'm so terrified of spoilers I can't even tell you).

We had an amazing weekend and I do have several deadlines before I can even get to watching the thing so it will be done and it will be here but probably not before Thursday. Sorry to all that love the Strictly commentating.

To go in some way to make it up to you all here's some Dick Van Dkye for ya!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Strictly. The Bruce Free One!

Not only Bruce free by Winkleman heavy - this might well be the best episode EVER! Though they have to make the opening all about the stuttering auld duffer I still LOVED it. The girls work very well together, Tess is much more confident, funny and likable. It should always be like this. ALWAYS I say!

1) Denise and James - Paso
Well, I found James incredibly sexy during this Paso, but thought Denise was a little wobbly and it was not as sharp as it could've been. I thought it was good and I enjoyed it but I thought it lacked fireworks somewhat. Just missing something. Might be just me considering the judges response though which is fair enough
Me - 8
Judges - 9,9,9,9

2) Richard and Erin - Charleston
Pretty good actually, really fun to watch, his gurning is quite spectacular (faceography Craig, eh? eh? ) It was the first proper Charleston we've seen this series and I appreciated that too. Good job Erin!
Me - 7
Judges 7,8,7,7

3) Louis and Flavia - Waltz
Technically probably very good. It was a nice, if slightly saccharine routine. But two things spoiled it for me, one Louis's daft ballroom face - why isn't this mentioned? And two; they seem to have very little chemistry going, you compare this to James and Denise last week and you see exactly what I mean. Slightly disappointing - he has sooo much potential.
Me - 8
Judges - 6,9,9,9

4) Fern and Artem - Salsa
This is definitely Fern's dance, and the wardrobe guys and gals should have whipped her clothes off before now for the effect it had! The most confident we've seen Fern and she rocked it. I think it's a good sign that for the first time I was watching her rather than watching Artem!
Me - 7
Judges - 6,7,7,7

5) Victoria and Brendan - Quickstep
Wowser! So, so much better than last week. Really quite beautiful, I loved the routine (if not Brendan's daft hat), and she looked elegant and beautiful - even when Brendan did a fall down :-) Lovely.
Me - 8
Judges - 7,7,8,8

Winklemanism - " I am genuinely just reading out loud"

6) Dani and Vincent - Tango
Loved it! Fantastic storytelling, beautiful lines and a real sense of atmosphere. The routine was fantastic and it was sharp and clean. She occasionally looks a little...butch - like when she walked away from Vincent right at the end but mostly just gorgeous. I love this couple.
Me - 9
Judges - 8,8,9,9

7) Nicky and Karen - Foxtrot
His posture came and went BUT I thought that was really rather good. I liked the Astaire like opening, he handled his prop very well (great catch!) I thought this was surprisingly good, it's great to see such an improvement. Colour me impressed!
me - 8
Judges - 7,7,8,8

8) Kimberly and Pasha - Viennese Waltz
Absolutely beautiful. Romantic, elegant and they created a gorgeous atmosphere, beautifully melancholy. I love watching these two and Pasha I find to be some sort of choreography genius, his routines are exquisite and this managed to be romantic without being sickly sweet. I loved every second.
Me - 9
Judges - 8,8,9,9

9) Michael and Natalie - Salsa
Such a shame about the little mistakes as this was by far his best Latin dance.  I am very taken with Michael's bottom, it's very nearly as nice as Brendan's which though clearly inferior to The A Man's posterior is still rather fetching indeed! Still, the lifts were great and his enthusiasm is just a little heartwarming. The man is growing on me and no mistake.
Me - 7
Judges - 5,7,7,7

10) Lisa and Robin - Foxtrot
Aww that really was sweet and quite lovely. I'm very glad to see that wardrobe have realised she doesn't need to be wearing a tent, and I thought she looked great in her revealing dress. I thought the routine was great and Robin was the second Pro of the evening to trip! What have they been doing backstage eh? Whoopsadaisy indeed Mr Windsor!
Me - 8
Judges - 8,8,8,8

Winklemanism - "Denise and James at the top, Michael and Natalie are at the bottom and all the other people are in the middle"  <3 Winkleman.

Overall for this show the standard has shot up! That little push for Wembley often makes this week unmissable watching and this year is no exception (well except I missed it as it was Tala's birthday but yer nahh what I mean!). Kimberly and Pasha and Dani and Vincent top my favs this week and I really was impressed by the Wardrobe dept, both Fern and Lisa looked amazing with their curves out. Fern especially looked ravishing. Great show and oh the relief of not having Bruce and teh joy of The Winkleman. I may love her a little too much.


The opening dance showcasing Flavia and Vincent was absolutely wonderful. Fabulous in fact. They are  mesmerising together, I adored it. The last 3 results show dances have been utterly gorgeous, loving the pro's!

Results 1) Ooooh naughty Tess and the poor remaining 5 couples having to wait. That was cruel that was!

Lens Lens - Highlights were Darcy and Len dancing and Brendan's slow mo fall - brilliant! And Vincent in the phone box. I love all the backstage things we get to see in the Results show. The boys in their shirts which have lycra pants attached. The mechanics of Strictly behind the scenes - I love it.

Result 1)  Fern and Artem, somewhat expected even though it was her best dance so far. Everyone has leveled up and yeah, sad but probably correct choice
Result 2) Kimberly and Pasha?! Kimberly and Pasha? What the very Fook is this Shite?! I had a mini but not at all minor meltdown at this result! BAH!

The Violin dude was next, I can't bear his face and find his music pedestrian. Bah to that too although Brendan and Natalie saved it with their sauciness  That was gorgeous and very sexy. Did I mention Brendan's bum? Yes.. hardly surprising now is it!

Final Result - As much as I adore Foxy Fern this was the correct decision. We will miss you Fern you sexy bitch. I love your face. I am very sad at the leavings now. I am going to have to have something on hand at the end of every results show now to cheer me up. Like a replaying of last week's boy dance or a gin and tonic or something!

"Clink, sigh!"  See youse next week xxx

Monday, 5 November 2012

Strictly Week 5: The Gimmick Free One

By the time the endless flipping Smartphone joke finished I was starting to get really, really excited for next week's Brucefree installment. It's ALL Winkleman, ALL weekend and I cannot bloody wait!

1) Kimberly and Pasha - Salsa
I really, really enjoyed this, a fantastic opening to the show. Another wonderful routine, I think Pasha is flipping fantastic, I really do and Kimberley if fast becoming one of my real favourites. She had fantastic hip action, the lifts were spectacular - and I loved the backwards fall she did from the judges table - that must've been very scary! Also her dress was absolutely gorgeous. An amazing start (also I love Pasha and his little bum chin - love him!)
Me - 8
Them - 8,8,8,9

2) Lisa and Robin - Tango
Well, I think it quite obvious that this style of dance does not suit Lisa at all, and honestly I don't think she has performed better than her week one Cha Cha. I was disappointed with this. BUT, I loved the beginning and the fact that us bigger girls can be sexy too so I really approved of that and I really liked the comedic ending and her mahhooooosive grin at the end was adorable but I think she is really going to have to pull something out of the bag for next week. C'mon Lisa my love, we're rooting for you!
Me  - 6
Them - 7,7,6,7

3) Richard and Erin - Foxtrot
Awwwwwwwwwww! I think the opening of this dance was actually really good, he had a really good presence on the stairs with the whole hat thing and then disahhhhhster dahlink. I think Erin seemed to dance it half heartedly too, that funny head shake thing she did was very odd and distracting. I hope they haven't just given up! I do want to say I think that he handled the judges and aftermath with great humour and aplomb, I was proud of him for that. He is somewhat of a male version of me, huggy, kissy, quippy boy. He's way thinner and more feminine then I can manage though! :-)
Me - 5
Them - 3,5,5,4

4) Denise and James - Viennese Waltz
Oh my! That was utterly beautiful, elegant, flowing, smooth and romantic. I absolutely loved everything about it, the music was gorgeous. I didn't well up nor nowt like. I'm geet hard I am! Sniff.
Me - 9
Them - 9,8,9,9

5) Victoria and Brendan - Samba
I am trying not to say, that was poopoo. I'm resisting it very hard. She looked so, so stiff and awkward and uncomfortable that it was really hard to watch her - except for through the fingers! I do however heart his bottom so it's not all bad.
Me - 6
Them - 6,6,6,5

6) Louis and Flavia - Samba
Well, I was with Darcey on this. I thought he was really restrained and just needed to let go and go for it. He reminded of aww whatchmacallher who struggled with the same thing, then won. Artem's girl - she had the same problem. Technically fantastic but just missing "it". It is so good to see Flavia cutting loose though she is joyful to watch.
Me - 7
Them - 6,7,8,8

7) Colin and Kristina - Foxtrot
It did have a nice Old Hollywood feel to the dance but their height difference seemed somewhat comedic this time, I don't really know why. I thought it ok but I was expecting something more spectacular from this couple after being in the Dance Off last week, so somewhat disappointing.
Me - 7
Them - 6,7,7,7

8) Nicky and Karen - Rumba
This dance is so hard for the celebs, and I think he actually got the feel of it, he had the intensity in his face quite well and he seemed comfortable. There wasn't enough content but what there was of it made it my favourite dance of his so far. He presented and performed it well and had actually a hint of really!
Me - 7
Them - 4, 7,7,7

9) Fern and Artem - Paso Doble
Who cares - did you see Artem? Did you? Phwoooooooooooooooarrrrrrrr.
Me - 6
Them - 6,6,6,6

10) Michael and Natalie - Foxtrot
Nice, he's defo a Ballroom Boy. Elegant and very controlled, he looked very comfortable and confident out there and was a joy to watch. Fingers crossed for his Latin next week!
Me - 8
Them - 7,8,8,8

11) Dani and Vincent - Jive
Outstanding. She got the style, the energy and all the moves. Loved the story and Vincent looked amazing too. They're a great pair. Fabulous. I even liked the young persons music - horrifying!
Me - 8
Them - 8,8,9,8 (We'll say nowt about Craig's eyefull, nowt at all!)

Excellent show. I like the gimmick free show, nothing to hide behind and it really showed the wheat from the chaff. I think Fern and Colin may be in trouble and also poor auld Richard. Let's see!


Opening dance, I think before I give a review or reasoned opinion I need to watch this again, mebbe four or seven or ten times more, y'know just to be reallllllly sure! :-D

RESULT 1 - Colin and Kristina, not entirely unexpected. I'm also wondering if he is struggling with a voting fanbase!

The Wanted - by whom, that's what I want to know. There are few things I detest more in music than boys singing falsetto. Urk awful.

Lens Lens - I particularly loved the clip of Darcey fixing Craig's hair. It was really cute, there seems to be a real camaraderie between the judges this year and the banter is great. I was very unsure of Darcey at first but I was big, fat wrong and I love her yar.

RESULT 2 - Richard and Erin. hummmhumm again, pretty much as expected. Hopefully he'll get the routine right this time, which would give him a fair chance. Fingers crossed Richard.

Andrea Bocelli, Pasha and Karen - all three exquisite, will be watching this again too. Gorgeousness.

Result - I would have also given it to Richard and Erin (even with the weird head shake making it into the routine a second time round!) too but I am very sad to see Colin go but worse my beautiful Kristina whom I adore. Boooo! I hate people leaving now, I am pathetic! :-)

I'm sticking in a little treat for youse here, I've been watching Dancing with the Stars ( I love you Iz and Rich)  -I'm an addict, addict I tell ya- on the side (don't tell Strictly!) and this is a clip of one of the most energetic quickstep's I have ever seen. Fab stuff!