Thursday, 29 November 2012

Strictly - Finally!

A "Friends" style opening, I have to be honest I didn't think it was that great but Alice (nearly 12) thought it was hilarious and chortled so I have to approve.

1) Dani and Vincent - Samba
I really loved the routine with the hints of Beyonce in there. Her musicality is really good and I thought this a gorgeous sexy samba to start off proceedings. Dani also looked fabulous, I loved the frock.
Me - 9
Judges - 9,9,9,9,
Alice - 8

2) Kimberly and Pasha - Tango
LOVED it, insert Stacey's normal ravings about Pasha's brilliance at choreography and letting his partner shine. I loved the story, the routine, the music, the mood - everything. I thought it was shit hot!
Me  - 9
Judges - 8,9,8,9
Alice Revel Horwood - 8

*oh another racist remark by Bruce towards Pasha, I'm really finding that annoying - does anyone actually find the moron funny? Shuddap Lee.

3) Victoria and Brendan - Salsa
I think that the lifts were really, really good, but her hip action was woeful, she looks so stiff and awkward that it's almost uncomfortable to watch her. I think this may be the end of the race for our Vicky. Bless.
Me - 6
Judges - 4,6,6,5
Alice - 6

4) Louis and Flavia - Paso
The routine was beautiful and Louis is very elegant so this routine should have been on fire. It was a bit of a damp squib really though. They have absolutely no chemistry, no fire and no passion. Just a sort of robot blankness. It's so sad because they really should be jaw dropping!
Me - 7
Judges - 6,7,7,7
Alice - 7

5) Lisa and Robin - Rumba
Huuummmmm, ok I suppose. A very quiet dance but the Rumba is supposed to be quite sexy and romantic and though they tried with the romantic the sexy was totally missing. Not her dance at all, not awful but just ok.
Me - 7
Judges - 7,6,7,7
Alice - 7
*I loved the Bruno/Len giggle meltdown here with them actually hanging on to each other laughing, it was so cute

6) Michael and Natalie - Argentine Tango
Natalie appeared to be wearing Fern's Killer Queen outfit that had been through the shredder! I think Michael handled the lifts brilliantly, but the routine lacked the fire needed. I think both Louis and Michael need to go and watch Vincent shaking his tango butt and see how it's done!
Me - 7
Judges - 6,7,7,6
Alice - 8

7) Nicky and Karen - Charleston
Well, I thought his frame was quite wobbly and his shoulders were up once again masking his neck BUT it was really, really good. He kept lapsing into sort of boyband hiphop posture but for this dance it really worked. His performance was incredible as was his characterisation and the whole routine was gorgeously funny and cheeky and the lifts were fantastic. Really, really good job!
Me- 9
Judges - 9,9,9,9
Alice  - 9

8) Denise and James - American Smooth
My favourite dance of the evening, I actually welled up a little bit (shut yer face's or I'll knack yers up!) so elegant, smooth and romantic. I thought it exquisite. I have no bad things to say about any tiny wobble - sod that malarkey it was beautiful
me - 10
Judges - 9,9,9,10
Alice - 9


Opening Dance - I freaking loved it, those boys were amazing - there was no real need to bring in the female pros to be honest, they were great on their own. Really fantastic

Result 1 - Michael and Natalie (awwww)

Lens Lens - highlights for me were Bruno doing Beyonce and one again Len and Bruno's fit of giggling

Result 2 - Victoria and Brendan (expected but still awwww)

The Script - meh, but Pasha and Karen rocked the big one with bells on and no mistake. I loved them.

Dance Off - Michael severely upped his game here, he was great, he should win it. V&B let go of it, lots of mistakes.

Result - Victoria and Brendan are going, totally fair result, she did so, so well getting this far and she seems so sweet. Buh Bye Vicky we'll miss you.

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