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Strictly. The Bruce Free One!

Not only Bruce free by Winkleman heavy - this might well be the best episode EVER! Though they have to make the opening all about the stuttering auld duffer I still LOVED it. The girls work very well together, Tess is much more confident, funny and likable. It should always be like this. ALWAYS I say!

1) Denise and James - Paso
Well, I found James incredibly sexy during this Paso, but thought Denise was a little wobbly and it was not as sharp as it could've been. I thought it was good and I enjoyed it but I thought it lacked fireworks somewhat. Just missing something. Might be just me considering the judges response though which is fair enough
Me - 8
Judges - 9,9,9,9

2) Richard and Erin - Charleston
Pretty good actually, really fun to watch, his gurning is quite spectacular (faceography Craig, eh? eh? ) It was the first proper Charleston we've seen this series and I appreciated that too. Good job Erin!
Me - 7
Judges 7,8,7,7

3) Louis and Flavia - Waltz
Technically probably very good. It was a nice, if slightly saccharine routine. But two things spoiled it for me, one Louis's daft ballroom face - why isn't this mentioned? And two; they seem to have very little chemistry going, you compare this to James and Denise last week and you see exactly what I mean. Slightly disappointing - he has sooo much potential.
Me - 8
Judges - 6,9,9,9

4) Fern and Artem - Salsa
This is definitely Fern's dance, and the wardrobe guys and gals should have whipped her clothes off before now for the effect it had! The most confident we've seen Fern and she rocked it. I think it's a good sign that for the first time I was watching her rather than watching Artem!
Me - 7
Judges - 6,7,7,7

5) Victoria and Brendan - Quickstep
Wowser! So, so much better than last week. Really quite beautiful, I loved the routine (if not Brendan's daft hat), and she looked elegant and beautiful - even when Brendan did a fall down :-) Lovely.
Me - 8
Judges - 7,7,8,8

Winklemanism - " I am genuinely just reading out loud"

6) Dani and Vincent - Tango
Loved it! Fantastic storytelling, beautiful lines and a real sense of atmosphere. The routine was fantastic and it was sharp and clean. She occasionally looks a little...butch - like when she walked away from Vincent right at the end but mostly just gorgeous. I love this couple.
Me - 9
Judges - 8,8,9,9

7) Nicky and Karen - Foxtrot
His posture came and went BUT I thought that was really rather good. I liked the Astaire like opening, he handled his prop very well (great catch!) I thought this was surprisingly good, it's great to see such an improvement. Colour me impressed!
me - 8
Judges - 7,7,8,8

8) Kimberly and Pasha - Viennese Waltz
Absolutely beautiful. Romantic, elegant and they created a gorgeous atmosphere, beautifully melancholy. I love watching these two and Pasha I find to be some sort of choreography genius, his routines are exquisite and this managed to be romantic without being sickly sweet. I loved every second.
Me - 9
Judges - 8,8,9,9

9) Michael and Natalie - Salsa
Such a shame about the little mistakes as this was by far his best Latin dance.  I am very taken with Michael's bottom, it's very nearly as nice as Brendan's which though clearly inferior to The A Man's posterior is still rather fetching indeed! Still, the lifts were great and his enthusiasm is just a little heartwarming. The man is growing on me and no mistake.
Me - 7
Judges - 5,7,7,7

10) Lisa and Robin - Foxtrot
Aww that really was sweet and quite lovely. I'm very glad to see that wardrobe have realised she doesn't need to be wearing a tent, and I thought she looked great in her revealing dress. I thought the routine was great and Robin was the second Pro of the evening to trip! What have they been doing backstage eh? Whoopsadaisy indeed Mr Windsor!
Me - 8
Judges - 8,8,8,8

Winklemanism - "Denise and James at the top, Michael and Natalie are at the bottom and all the other people are in the middle"  <3 Winkleman.

Overall for this show the standard has shot up! That little push for Wembley often makes this week unmissable watching and this year is no exception (well except I missed it as it was Tala's birthday but yer nahh what I mean!). Kimberly and Pasha and Dani and Vincent top my favs this week and I really was impressed by the Wardrobe dept, both Fern and Lisa looked amazing with their curves out. Fern especially looked ravishing. Great show and oh the relief of not having Bruce and teh joy of The Winkleman. I may love her a little too much.


The opening dance showcasing Flavia and Vincent was absolutely wonderful. Fabulous in fact. They are  mesmerising together, I adored it. The last 3 results show dances have been utterly gorgeous, loving the pro's!

Results 1) Ooooh naughty Tess and the poor remaining 5 couples having to wait. That was cruel that was!

Lens Lens - Highlights were Darcy and Len dancing and Brendan's slow mo fall - brilliant! And Vincent in the phone box. I love all the backstage things we get to see in the Results show. The boys in their shirts which have lycra pants attached. The mechanics of Strictly behind the scenes - I love it.

Result 1)  Fern and Artem, somewhat expected even though it was her best dance so far. Everyone has leveled up and yeah, sad but probably correct choice
Result 2) Kimberly and Pasha?! Kimberly and Pasha? What the very Fook is this Shite?! I had a mini but not at all minor meltdown at this result! BAH!

The Violin dude was next, I can't bear his face and find his music pedestrian. Bah to that too although Brendan and Natalie saved it with their sauciness  That was gorgeous and very sexy. Did I mention Brendan's bum? Yes.. hardly surprising now is it!

Final Result - As much as I adore Foxy Fern this was the correct decision. We will miss you Fern you sexy bitch. I love your face. I am very sad at the leavings now. I am going to have to have something on hand at the end of every results show now to cheer me up. Like a replaying of last week's boy dance or a gin and tonic or something!

"Clink, sigh!"  See youse next week xxx


  1. Very surprised that Kimberly was in the bottom two, but Fern deserved to go. You know Artem's chest could only keep her in the competition for so long. I expect the final 4 to be Denise (who I think the bookies are tipping to win it), Kimberly, Louis and probably Lisa. Next to go should be Nicky or Michael, because despite their improvements, they're just not that good. Also I expect Victoria will be the next one to go, if not one of the above. Richard will hang on for a while as he's comedy gold. :)

  2. I'd rather hang on to Michael a bit longer, his ballroom rocks the big one. Victoria is so inconsistent so yeah, I agree. I love Richard, he's so quick his comeback at Craig made me chuckle again this week. Love him


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