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Strictly Week 5: The Gimmick Free One

By the time the endless flipping Smartphone joke finished I was starting to get really, really excited for next week's Brucefree installment. It's ALL Winkleman, ALL weekend and I cannot bloody wait!

1) Kimberly and Pasha - Salsa
I really, really enjoyed this, a fantastic opening to the show. Another wonderful routine, I think Pasha is flipping fantastic, I really do and Kimberley if fast becoming one of my real favourites. She had fantastic hip action, the lifts were spectacular - and I loved the backwards fall she did from the judges table - that must've been very scary! Also her dress was absolutely gorgeous. An amazing start (also I love Pasha and his little bum chin - love him!)
Me - 8
Them - 8,8,8,9

2) Lisa and Robin - Tango
Well, I think it quite obvious that this style of dance does not suit Lisa at all, and honestly I don't think she has performed better than her week one Cha Cha. I was disappointed with this. BUT, I loved the beginning and the fact that us bigger girls can be sexy too so I really approved of that and I really liked the comedic ending and her mahhooooosive grin at the end was adorable but I think she is really going to have to pull something out of the bag for next week. C'mon Lisa my love, we're rooting for you!
Me  - 6
Them - 7,7,6,7

3) Richard and Erin - Foxtrot
Awwwwwwwwwww! I think the opening of this dance was actually really good, he had a really good presence on the stairs with the whole hat thing and then disahhhhhster dahlink. I think Erin seemed to dance it half heartedly too, that funny head shake thing she did was very odd and distracting. I hope they haven't just given up! I do want to say I think that he handled the judges and aftermath with great humour and aplomb, I was proud of him for that. He is somewhat of a male version of me, huggy, kissy, quippy boy. He's way thinner and more feminine then I can manage though! :-)
Me - 5
Them - 3,5,5,4

4) Denise and James - Viennese Waltz
Oh my! That was utterly beautiful, elegant, flowing, smooth and romantic. I absolutely loved everything about it, the music was gorgeous. I didn't well up nor nowt like. I'm geet hard I am! Sniff.
Me - 9
Them - 9,8,9,9

5) Victoria and Brendan - Samba
I am trying not to say, that was poopoo. I'm resisting it very hard. She looked so, so stiff and awkward and uncomfortable that it was really hard to watch her - except for through the fingers! I do however heart his bottom so it's not all bad.
Me - 6
Them - 6,6,6,5

6) Louis and Flavia - Samba
Well, I was with Darcey on this. I thought he was really restrained and just needed to let go and go for it. He reminded of aww whatchmacallher who struggled with the same thing, then won. Artem's girl - she had the same problem. Technically fantastic but just missing "it". It is so good to see Flavia cutting loose though she is joyful to watch.
Me - 7
Them - 6,7,8,8

7) Colin and Kristina - Foxtrot
It did have a nice Old Hollywood feel to the dance but their height difference seemed somewhat comedic this time, I don't really know why. I thought it ok but I was expecting something more spectacular from this couple after being in the Dance Off last week, so somewhat disappointing.
Me - 7
Them - 6,7,7,7

8) Nicky and Karen - Rumba
This dance is so hard for the celebs, and I think he actually got the feel of it, he had the intensity in his face quite well and he seemed comfortable. There wasn't enough content but what there was of it made it my favourite dance of his so far. He presented and performed it well and had actually a hint of really!
Me - 7
Them - 4, 7,7,7

9) Fern and Artem - Paso Doble
Who cares - did you see Artem? Did you? Phwoooooooooooooooarrrrrrrr.
Me - 6
Them - 6,6,6,6

10) Michael and Natalie - Foxtrot
Nice, he's defo a Ballroom Boy. Elegant and very controlled, he looked very comfortable and confident out there and was a joy to watch. Fingers crossed for his Latin next week!
Me - 8
Them - 7,8,8,8

11) Dani and Vincent - Jive
Outstanding. She got the style, the energy and all the moves. Loved the story and Vincent looked amazing too. They're a great pair. Fabulous. I even liked the young persons music - horrifying!
Me - 8
Them - 8,8,9,8 (We'll say nowt about Craig's eyefull, nowt at all!)

Excellent show. I like the gimmick free show, nothing to hide behind and it really showed the wheat from the chaff. I think Fern and Colin may be in trouble and also poor auld Richard. Let's see!


Opening dance, I think before I give a review or reasoned opinion I need to watch this again, mebbe four or seven or ten times more, y'know just to be reallllllly sure! :-D

RESULT 1 - Colin and Kristina, not entirely unexpected. I'm also wondering if he is struggling with a voting fanbase!

The Wanted - by whom, that's what I want to know. There are few things I detest more in music than boys singing falsetto. Urk awful.

Lens Lens - I particularly loved the clip of Darcey fixing Craig's hair. It was really cute, there seems to be a real camaraderie between the judges this year and the banter is great. I was very unsure of Darcey at first but I was big, fat wrong and I love her yar.

RESULT 2 - Richard and Erin. hummmhumm again, pretty much as expected. Hopefully he'll get the routine right this time, which would give him a fair chance. Fingers crossed Richard.

Andrea Bocelli, Pasha and Karen - all three exquisite, will be watching this again too. Gorgeousness.

Result - I would have also given it to Richard and Erin (even with the weird head shake making it into the routine a second time round!) too but I am very sad to see Colin go but worse my beautiful Kristina whom I adore. Boooo! I hate people leaving now, I am pathetic! :-)

I'm sticking in a little treat for youse here, I've been watching Dancing with the Stars ( I love you Iz and Rich)  -I'm an addict, addict I tell ya- on the side (don't tell Strictly!) and this is a clip of one of the most energetic quickstep's I have ever seen. Fab stuff!


  1. On the button as ever Stace!

    Brightened my Monday lunchtime, thanks Liz x


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