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Strictly Come Dancing Week 9

Anita and Robin Brendan – Cha Cha Cha

Ah, well. Not brilliant this is it? Anita’s spins are great and she makes them look very easy, but her little solo was well a bit easy and boring – it didn’t really work as a solo at all. She seemed very – to steal one of Len’s words – willowy in this dance and it just didn’t work. Except for Brendan who was lush, especially when he was singing along, aww cuteness!
Me – 6 Judges - 7,8,7,7 - oooh I’ve turned into the harsh one! Just call me Craig dahhhlinks!

Holly and Artem – Foxtrot

Their little introduction bit at the school dance was brilliant, I have really warmed to Holly throughout the series – which surprises me a little, I didn’t expect to like her and I really do. This was by far her best dance; she utterly owned it and she looked like a professional! It was very sexy without being in your face. The kick section is beautiful and absolutely the only thing that marred this dance was Artem’s hideous hat. What were they thinking?!
Me – 9 Judges - 8,8,9,9 -  Ah Len not liking a modern take on a dance. He always marks down the exciting and inventive dances, which is really unfair but at least he is honest about it so the dancers know they are risking the WRATH OF LEN!

Alex and James – Charleston

Oh I’m feeling my inner Craig rising again. I didn’t like it very much, I didn’t like the frouhaha with the hats, and I didn’t think it was fast enough or kooky enough. I feel really disappointed. I think at this point in the competition I just expect more...more, y’know?
Me- 6 Judges 6,7,8,8 That Craig, he knows whereof he speaks yo!

Robbie and Ola - Samba

Another favourite intro here, how lovely are Robbie’s parents, I think they should come back next week too! Oh I am such a HATER this week. Lovely opening to the dance but after that, dull and lacking choreography again and seriously if a beautiful man whips his trousers off, a MASSIVE pair of shorts is not what we want to see now is it? Really? He just looked silly. I am very cross with Ola.
Me – 6 Judges – 5,7,7,6 - Len’s comments really made me laugh. It’s about time me and Len made up, the fighting can only go on so long.

Chelsee and Pasha – Argentine Tango
Oh, wow. I thought this was beautiful, both Chelsee and Pasha look amazing, all the flicks and kicks were exquisite. Beautiful, atmospheric and gorgeous dancing, I absolutely loved it. It was all there in Chelsee’s face. Lovely, and tons of content!

Me – 9 Judges – 8,9,9,9 Len should not judge on the intro bit, if he watched her face it was all there, she’s a beautiful actress. If that intro had not been shown how would that have affected the judges’ comments eh? Eh? Pah!

Jason and Kristina – Charleston

This dance was everything Alex and James was not, totally evocative of the time period, quirky, funny, over the top, fast and fabulous to watch! Jason is rocking the white suit and although it looks like my 5 year old did Kristina’s make up this was joyful!
Me – 9 Judges – 9,9,9,9

Harry and Aliona – Quickstep
This dance is just perfect. I think everyone should go and watch it again and just watch their feet! Bloody marvellous, I didn’t want it to end. He looks amazing, he looks like a pro and I’m gobsmacked by this performance. Lush.
Me- 10 Judges 9,10,10,10

SwingathonI think the order that couples were voted off matches my own thoughts exactly. Harry and Aliona were breathtaking. By far the best. My one criticism of this segment was that the camera work was very shonky. Very shonky indeed – it almost spoilt it for me. Please do better BBC!
Overall a bloody excellent episode of SCD, properly entertaining and I think leaving us will either be Robbie or Anita and rightly enough I think, but I will be very sad to see anyone go this week. I will be full of awwwwwing whoever goes!

Results Show aka Woo Hoo its Winkleman Time! I love the opening number (shaddup yes, it is really me talking!) beautifully elegant and very sexy. I loved the music as well. Lovely.
Holly in bottom two? Bah that is proper rubbish that is!
I do not understand the appeal of Cee Lo Green, I was a bit bored at this point. But the hints to next week’s Movie Night made me laugh and really start looking forward to it!
Anita is gone, awwwwwwwwwwwwwww but fair enough I think. I feel quite sorry for my Brendan as that must be a giant sized guiltfest right there!

Dancing With The Stars - Finale and Results Show - Just a little aside to say, I am over the moon that JR Martinez and Karina won DWTS they were my very favourite (along with Ricki Lake) and I leave you with their finale freestlye dance!



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