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Reviews and Launch of Into the Woods

Here you can see our beautiful table all set up before the doors opened at Cardiff Comic Expo this weekend. The convention was great and I have to say we sold very well, which was a relief! Several of our artists - Simon Wyatt, StuArt Tipples and Conor Boyle sketched at various points over the weekend and it was great having Stu's original art (and Simons for awhile too) out on the table which generated a lot of interest too. From a newbie point of view this was a great convention to launch at, Mike Allwood made it as easy and smooth as could be and having Mr Conman on hand to help with the table, sign books in the tiniest writing you have ever seen and generally calm me down was brilliant.  Also having wonderful table neighbours in the form of Futurequake Press LEGEND Dave Evans and Bearded Skull comics guys on the other side made the slow times pass far more quickly.

We have now had two reviews go up on that there internet, you can find one here from the fabulous Lizzie Boyle and another over at the Geek Syndicate website here if you should so desire to see such things I urge you to do so!

The big news is that the Big Cartel shop went live this morning so should you wish to purchase Into the Woods for yourself (and for what reason could you possibly not?) you can do so for five english pounds sterling plus p&p. Have a look and a shop if you like!


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