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Wot I did on me summer holidays like - week 2

Saturday was my birthday. I found it a bit overwelming. I saw my parents on my actual birthday for the first time in as long as I can remember. They'd travelled up the night before and were relieving me of my kiddiewinks on Saturday lunchtime for a WEEK! I was really spoiled rotten present wise, my mammy - on her own mind - had scoured wool shops and secured me about 4 jumpers worth of wool, all beautifully presented in baskets wrapped in cellophane and my dad had chosen me a vintage knitting book and that's just the tip of the iceberg really. My A man outdid himself and seems to be on a mission to make the whole fooking week a birthday celebration. And that's not going into the spoiling I got from the rest of my friends and family. It was just really terrific. We all had lunch at the lovely Rattler with my bestie mate with boyfriend and baby in tow and then all of a sudden it was just me and A in a VERY quiet house. Not for long like as we had pub plans doncha know!  We went out for sushi and to the theatre - to see a fantastic Agatha Christie play which I loved every second of, then drinks with some friends we bumped into there - a lovely end to a fantastic day.

Sunday was pub day, and I mean day. We went to the Harbour Lights for an amazing Sunday Lunch, then to our favourite pub in South Shields, The Steamboat for real ales and hanging out, we both had books and I of course had knitting and it was peaceful and laid back and lovely. Then we ventured out to South Shields Folk Club which was brilliant, we were made to feel very welcome and the music was brilliant and the stand up comedy which seemed to come along with it equally brilliant. So I'm now looking for a permanent Sunday night babysitter so I can go everyweek! Reasonable pay and food provided - any takers? 

a favourite folky song inserted for your enjoyment  - The Unthanks Blue's Gaen Oot O'the Fashion

Monday, I had to go to work but I have shuftied me hours about like and get to finish at 1 this week. Just in time for Japanese food and then The Goddamn Batman, followed by cocktails and nibbles at Popolos (I had a sloe gin fizz which was AWESOME!)  And this is what I thought of the Goddamn Batman:

Full of plot holes, Alfred seemed to be channelling Katie Holmes from the first film. I couldn't make out half of what Bane said. Batman's recovery from his broken back was completely and totally unbelievable, and he spent far too much time down the pit of despair.

BUT I really, really enjoyed it, the gadgets were amazing, Anne Hathaway was scorching, I FOOKING loved the Batbike/pod whatever the fookiddy fook it was called. The effects were great, the little touches of humour brilliant. Tom Hardy - fantastic. Gary Oldman, I still would - just saying. The ending - just bloody perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed every rollercoaster minute. I do think it had serious problems and ultimately it was bobbins but I really didn't care too much about that.

And then yesterday I picked up Mrs Browns Boys and spent a happy evening with Agnes and some knitting. Sigggghhh 2 sleeps til the kids are home!


  1. Sounds like an awesome birthday to me. Glad you had a good 'un.



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