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Strictly Semi Final

This is going to be quicker than usual - this time of year gets busy doesn't it I'm finding it hard to keep up with my Strictly obsession. I have 2 weeks worth of It Takes Two backed up and doubt I'll get to them. Still, here are my quick views on Saturday's Semi's

1) Dani and Vincent - American Smooth/Argentine Tango - Overall Judges Score - 78

The AS was sweet, elegant, pretty and bordering, though never tipping over into sickly. They followed this up with a sexy, sultry and exciting Argentine Tango.  This was very clever, showing two sides of the same coin, sweetness without sickliness and sultry but not sleazy. Well done Vincent, seriously fantastic choreography.The opening was incredible - just starting while the applause was going and before the music, this really set the sexy tone, it was a fantastic decision. I have always adored Vincent for you know Vincent but this year he has outdone himself in his routines and I have loved watching him. He's rocketed up my Pro leaderboard, great stuff.

2) Louis and Flavia - Jive/American Smooth - Overall Judges Score - 69

I did not like this jive. I thought it a bit ...dull. However, I think Louis has totally upped his gameface and his performance was great, I think his pro let him down in this dance, it was not up to scratch and I was somewhat glad that Len (sort of) pulled Flavia up on it. I don't think this is her favourite dance and it showed - and it really shouldn't have. Luckily their American Smooth was incredibly interesting, a great routine with a really quirky choice of music which worked really well, I liked the ending very much - and though Louis had a hint of his 'ballroom face' of earlier in the series his performance was still all there - finally, finally making him a contender.

3) Denise and James - Tango/Rumba - Overall Judges Score - 77

Their Tango was outstanding, full of attack and the gorgeous staccato that is the Tango. I loved it, I loved the music choice again and the passion in the dance was so good. Their Rumba though, oh it was heartbreaking, her acting in that dance and her storytelling was gobsmacking. It may not have been technically perfect, the dress may have covered a multitude of sins but I was with Bruno here, it moved my cold northern heart, it was spellbinding and beautiful.

4) Kimberly and Pasha - American Smooth/Charleston - Overall Judges Score - 78

The first dance was beautiful, Kimberley's musicality is such an asset to her, she didn't miss a beat and in this dance that was vital. It was a teasing, sultry gorgeous - almost showdance. I really enjoyed the smoking sexiness and like Vincent I like how Pasha chose a lovely opposite for the second dance. The cheeky, quirky charleston was fantastic, I loved it (I really loved Pasha's outfit too, big socks yo! All about the big socks) I think it's no secret that Pasha is a big favourite of mine (probably because I watched him throughout his time on So You Think You Can Dance US) but his choreography is always interesting and fun - he makes sure his partner is the star (he did the same thing for Chelsea last year) and he's gorgeous to watch. I also think he's responsible somewhat for the choreography of the other male dancers improving, he's raised the bar. And Kimberley is so reaking adorable it's ridiculous, she's so likeable and sweet I really think the very final should come down to Kimberley vs Denise and I've got my fingers crossed for that.

5) Lisa and Robin - Salsa/American Smooth - 63

This is the first week where Lisa has looked out of place in this competition. She was shown up entirely by the quality of the other dances, I found all the OTT praises of her 'performance' excessive and somewhat annoying - her performance seems to be having her gob open! I wondered if I was missing something. This is nothing to do with her weight and all to do with mistakes, timing issues and level of complexity. Speaking as a chubby chubster cake bandit myself I have been very proud of her but lets not have positive discrimination, she's been wonderful but it's time for her to leave now.

Results Show

Opening Dance - Hmmmmm was alreet like. I think for the semi final a bit more spectacle could occur - especially as so many of the pros have been knocked out - surely something, I don't know...more? It was ok though but some of the Pro dances this series have been amazing but this was ok.

Winkleman Love - her mad trotting on to stage like a crazy women, she's not sane that women I freaking love her - fact.

Catherine Jenkins - Santa Baby, mmmm yeah alreet nothing special.

Lens Lens - Watching this round up of Lens Lens for the series made me realise that I have actually fallen for Darcey. I was very unsure week one yar, but she's done it, she's adorable, she has a great sense of humour but takes the marking seriously. The judges seem really happy with each other this year, they're lovely with each other, I hope all four are back next time.

Results - a quick aside to say that Vincent's reaction to getting through to the final made me well up a little bit but reet if you say owt aboot that like I'll knack you up like.

Dance Off - Lisa &Robin and Denise & James. I feel so sorry for Denise, second dance off and soo not fair it must be a little soul destroying. You kick arse girl!

Sooo it's time to say goodbye to Lisa, I will say that I think this was utterly the correct decision but we will miss Lisa and Robin. Lisa has rocked on behalf of all of us chubbers and we salute you with pint and pie held aloft. You did good girl, we are proud. Rock on!


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