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Whittle Waffle Pilot Episode

So here is the pilot episode of my new podcast Whittle Waffle! You can listen to it


And here are links to everything I talked about this episode!

The Listening Agent by Joe Decie
I Am Fire by Rachael Smith
2000AD and Everything Comes Back to 2000AD
Dead Mans Boots by Mike Carey
Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch
Star Trek Into Darkness
Once Upon A Time
The A Team Movie
The Doctor Who Magazine and Mike Collins and Ben Willsher
Classic Doctor Who
Skein Queen
Knitting Goddess
Star Trek Socks
Hitchhiker - A Trilogy of Four Patterns
Martina Behm
Flow - free game

Please feel free to leave feedback and thoughts and opinions I would totally appreciate it yo!

EDITED to add - many, many thanks to Rich for the awesome banner, you rock dude!


  1. Whittle!
    Aww I loved listening to that! It is the podcast of my dreams! Firstly: the recording is wonderful! I do love a podcast that doesn't sound like a dodgy Skype conversation ^-^
    Secondly: where is this picture of Captain Hook fitty mcfitson you promised us in the blog post?
    Thirdly: It's perfectly timed because I so need a new book and also you have made me jazzed about picking my knitting back up! It's cold and dark outside and that is perfect cosy knitting weather! I want to be the level you are! Knitting geeky things! I have followed you on Ravelry ^-^
    It's so lovely just to hear your stream of consciousness. I will always enjoy listening to you! I am hungry for another though, I hope you make more! :)

  2. I hope you didn't find doing that too weird cos I for one (or 2,after bintykins) am definitely looking forward to more.

    It's funny that you got onto Rivers of London after tweeting for recs because if I remember rightly it was yourself offering up Felix Cator on the twitters that got me reading that. Or was it on the 2000ad board? Either way I have you to thank for some awesome books, even if I'm not *quite* as invested in Felix himselfas you apparently are. :)

    Your daughters love of all things Doctor Who is very cute, and a testament to your awesome parentage. It's even winning me back around after the terrible bitterness I've held over one of them knowing way more answers than me in the quiz at the first CCC. Petty? Moi?

    I had absolutely no idea what you were saying in the knitting section. I perked up when I heard Discworld, but other than that...foreign language to me I'm afraid. I'm sure it was super exciting for them as what knits though :)

    Crap, I've written an essay here, I'l shut up. But yes, another vote for more. Sooner the better, if you please!

  3. Personally I'm especially partial to BBC Focus magazine, and continually toy with the idea of a subscription. But you're right, magazines are way expensive these days and also have a habit of accruing in a box, in a loft, unread, eventually getting thrown out having been discovered on three separate occasions three years apart and put back because, you know, they might come in handy one day.

    Anyway, shuddup, I'm trying to listen to the rest of the cast... :p



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