Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Whittle Waffle Episode 6

Hey my peeps, the latest episode of Whittle Waffle is out now, it's a rambly mess but we're all used to that by now mmmmm? You can listen to it HERE

And all the rambly ridiculousness looks like this:

Shiz What I Read:
Comic Review
Snow Queen And Other Stories

Shiz What I Watched


Doctor Who
Eldrad Must Live!
Star Trek Socks

Oatmeal Sweater

My spindle spun yarn from Nunoco on etsy

The music at the end is The Civil Wars The One That Got Away which I utterly love. 

1 comment:

  1. I feel like I must register a complaint. After specifically asking whether it was safe to listen for someone still avoiding Breaking Bad spoilers, and being assured that it was, I tune in and... I'm TOTALLY gonna see that Babylon 5 punchline coming now! Thanks a BUNCH!

    *ahem* Anyway, great podcast as usual. Roll on episode 7.