Thursday, 15 May 2014

Whittle Waffle Episode 8

After a bit of a real world delay here finally is Whittle Waffle  Episode 8

And it's a slightly different from normal episode. I give a big fat Bristol Expo recap and mention these things:

Bristol Recap and Podcasts
2000AD Writers Panel

Artist From Art

Stuff I Read

Stuff I Watched

Doctor Who

Knitting and Spinning

The closing music this week is my current obsession. I love Suzi Quatro and this is my fav of all her songs. I have to dance to this no matter where I am! 

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  1. Feedback as requested!

    I think I concur about the separation of art/artist. I'd also add that it's easier to do when you know and love the work before you learn about the artist's shortcomings as a human being. John Lennon? Wife-beater. Jimmy Page? Outright, unapologetic plagiarist. I can acknowledge how problematic they are and still still adore their music.

    Of course, it was much harder to learn those things in the days before the internet, where you'd only find them through rumour or from reading unauthorised biographies. Nowadays, I'll see someone on the internet being offensive or objectionable, learn they're an artist of some kind and mentally cross them off the "stuff I might check out at some point" list. It goes the other way too: I'll see someone on the internet being awesome, learn they're an artist of some kind and make a point of seeking out their work. And of course, there are people I think are wonderful, or hilarious, but their work just isn't my bag. I don't think any less of them, in fact I feel kind of puzzled that I don't like their art, but I can separate that.

    The difference is, when someone is vocally propounding views I find morally repugnant, and endorses behaviour I consider despicable, I'd rather not give them any of my money, cheers.

    You may be 50 Shades assassination-ed out, but in case not, I highly recommend the coverage of the same books on Mozo's blog: I Read Terrible Things:

  2. I agree with everything you said dude. It is easier to gloss over unpleasant things if you already love the work. It's hard to take away a connection that you already feel and nor should you I think. I think in that case the art has spoken, not the artist. If that doesn't sound too wanky! x