Thursday, 26 July 2012

Summer Holidays Week One - Days Out

This week I'm am completely loving days out with the kiddiewinkles and the A Man. Day one was a trip to Alnwick Castle. Tala (the littlest) is madly in love with Harry Potter lately so this was a massive deal for her. There was lots of Potter activities and Hagrid and Harry were in attendance doing a magic show which was great and the kids did a Broomstick Training session which was comedy genius. There was picnic and ice cream and magic wands and dragons, it was a lovely day.

Day two, a vist to Cragside. I'm sure I've been to this National Trust place before as a child but I have no memory of it at all and to be honest I fell a little in love. Tons to do for the kids, play parks and trim trails galore, as well as extensive gardens and hidden treasures like Douglas the Green Man and the house, oh the house itself was so utterly beautiful I did a serious amount of swooning and ahhing.

Day three, yesterday. We went to see a piece of Alice's artwork which was up in the Baltic (a modern art gallery in Newcastle) there was also a video clip of her talking about what she wants to be when she grows up, which was fantastic! We had a really nice lunch there too and then went to see the latest exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery which was really good before doing a little shopping and heading home utterly exhausted! Today is an easy day, we have done nothing this morning, not a thing, Alice is watching Mamma Mia, Tala is playing with Lego and I'm catching up on internet stuff and knitting. Soon we're off out for lunch with my best mate and some light shopping before coming home to CLEAN, before my parents arrive in the morning.

Whatever you are doing this week, wether you are inundated with childers or at work or home, I hope you're having as much fun as we are!

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