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Into The Woods ...AGAIN

The time has come people; I’m finally ready – are you? Let’s make another book!

What I’m doing
After some real deliberation I have decided to stick with the Fairytale/Folklore theme for book two but this will be the last time I think (don’t hold me to that).  There is a definite atmosphere I am looking for in the stories, I will refer you to Into the Woods book one for an example. Prose examples I mentioned last time are anything at all by Angela Carter, Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman and any of Roald Dahl’s short stories, I think these are perfect examples of the tone I am hoping for, also see Porcelain and Unbelievable The Man Who Ate Daffodils in comic form.  And I do want it to have a similar “feel” to the last book. It will be entirely comic - not prose again this time. 

The brass tacks
  •  Money – there is none. I can make sure you get a contributor copy of the book and that’s about it I’m afraid. I will tell you that the first book had amazing reviews (a selection can be found HERE )  and I’m very proud of it, as are all of the creators and contributors who were involved last time around.  Any profit (hahahhahah) that is made will be put towards the printing costs of the next book
  •  This book will be set up almost exactly like the last one so I'm looking at about nine 5- page stories with some room for negotiation. You do not have to pitch as a team – I am happy to pair up writers and artists and letterers.  If you do pitch as a team and I like one of you more than the other please don’t be offended if I say so 
  •  The biggest difference this time around is that I am hoping to do this in colour. Oh yes, colour people - cool eh?
  • You can pitch from now or if you’re an artist let me know you’re interested from now and I’ll leave it open until the end of the month and I’ll make all my decisions then. This is a free for all pitch open to everybody so take a chance!
  •  You do not have to pitch a full script – you can if you want that is fine, but a decent synopsis is good too.
  • The magnificent Andy Bloor has already agreed to design the book again this time around and as he did such an amazing job last time (as well as having to hold my hand a lot!) I couldn't be more pleased.

I think that’s everything but if I have left anything out or you want to ask me anything at all please do get in touch


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