Monday, 25 March 2013

Links n Shiz

Wotcha folks

Here is a link to a nice blog written by that Lee with all the links to all the comics we talk about on the latest episode of Small Press Big Mouth - out now for your listening pleasure

Small Press Big Mouth Ep 42 - The Meaning of Grice

Here is the link to a short blog piece what I wrote like for wondrous SFX magazine website

Blog - The British Comic Awards

And a slightly older blog I wrote because I forget to link it here and it's one of my most favourites that I've written

Blog - Supergirl

Also I really recommend listening to this fantastic interview with amazing artist Ron Smith over on the ECBT2000AD website - It's fantastic

Ron Smith Interview

Ok, that's it for now. Please remember if you are submitting for Into The Woods 2 the deadline is Sunday 31st March.

cheers me dears

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