Thursday, 13 October 2011

Into The Woods

Is finally starting to come together. I have three of the stories almost completed and they are so good I could cry.

We have a new bod joining the ITW team and that is lovely chap Filip Roncone - fellow 2000AD geek! He is going to be doing the lettering for Amber And The Egg, by Nic Papaconstantinou and art by Bevis Musson. The art for this story is finished and sublime. Bevis' linework is so perfect it's ridiculous.

Also joining the team is fabulous artist Andy Bloor, he has produced a really gorgeous back cover for the anthology, which I can't wait for you guys to see. Andy is also going to be designing the book and helping me stick it all together.

We shall  be launching at Cardiff International Comic Expo in February, I have a table booked (and also will be co hosting the Dredd at 35 panel with the beautiful Iz McAuliffe - come and see us!) and am hoping that we sell well. It is both a terrifying and terrifically exciting thing.

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