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More (sorry!) Strictly Stuff

Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

I was dead keen to introduce the presenters in the style of a bingo caller (novelty prophylactic dress – Tess and someone stick his head in a noose – Bruce) The A Man however feels this may be going too far. I take his sage advice.

1) Jason and Kristina – Paso Doble
So the midwife hits the floor and is slightly less confident this week, however Kristina once again delivers brilliant and engaging choreography so maybe she should have that nickname! Once again massively entertaining and a great start to the show!
My Score – 8 Judges Score – (harsh in my opinion and Alex thinks it's a fix) 6,7,7,7

Sad news, the A Man has already laughed at one of Bruce's jokes and we are now “on a break” oh dear!

2) Alex and James – Rhumba
My utter contempt and hatred for Bruce grows steadily with every single introduction and I know by the end of the show I will be filled with a passionate fury, why just why can't we have The Winkleman eh? Anyhoo, Alex in her lacy leggings and push up bra looks beautiful but this dance is deadly dull, nowhere near the heights James reached with Artem last year I think Alex is popular enough not to have to worry too much but this could and should have been by this point, much, much better!
My Score – 6 Judges Score- 4,7,7,7

3)Rory and Erin – Cha Cha Cha dahhhhhhhling
Aww Rory you are so lovely, and your chest is sooo nice and you're a little bit geeky and I currently have a space in my life for a sexy, slightly self conscious, geeky boy with a nice chest. Siiiiiiiiighhhhhh. If only he let himself go and didn't worry he could be brilliant. I'm a bit in love I am. But what in heavens name have they dressed Erin in? Urgh, it's making me feel all Gok Wan and outraged.
My Score – 7 Judges Score – 4,7,6,7

4) Audly and Natalie - Foxtrot
I'm trying hard not to complain about Bruce's intro everytime but I swear he's making it difficult. So Audly and Ballroom Barbie take the floor for another slice of dull dancing, Audly is a bit adorable but jeez this was dull, and stiff and just not my cup of tea. Possibility of bottom two for this one
My Score – 6 Judges Score 6,7,6,6
(Bruno said Audly looked almost fairylike – this amused me ridiculous amounts, possibly cos of the dullness of the dance, needed a laugh!)

5) Nancy and Anton – Pasa Doble
“oooh” drools Monsieur Le A Man, “she looks like a sexy pirate lady”
Ah bless her, she's not got a lot of grace has she? Still some great tricks, which I watched from behind my fingers as it wasn't very comfortable viewing somehow. She is proper bonkers, I hope she stays around a bit longer as I find the bonkers a bit endearing.
My Score – 6 Judge Score- 3,5,5,5

6)Lulu and Brendan – Samba
Brendan in full on Patrick Swayze mode is just gorgeous to watch, too lovely in fact as I completely failed to look at Lulu beyond registering that her hair was freaking enormous. Enormous!
My Score – 9 but right I was just watching a pro so a bit bias! Judges Score – 5,6,7,7

7)Holly and Artem – Waltz
Was that an actual flash of life in Ms Valance's eyes? I think it was, a bit mistakey a little bit jumpy but definitely my favourite performance of hers so far. Less Rachel Stevens and much more warm blooded performance – I approve!
My Score – 7 Judges Score – 7,7,8,8

8)Chelsea and Pasha – Quickstep
I loved this. Energetic, elegant, graceful and really fun, I have no negatives and no pithy comments, it was perfect – I loved it – the end!
My Score – 9 Judges Score – 9,9,9,9

9) Harry and Aliona - Waltz
Aww Harry, you've got it now, perfectly in character, a gorgeously romantic, utterly lovely performance, so, so beautiful, I loved this too!
My Score – 9 (aww poor Aliona, Len you're divvy – fact!) Judges – 8,8,10,9 (wooo first 10 of the series – but its from Alesha so we all know it means less!)

10) Anita and Robin – American Smooth
Finally a nice outfit for Anita, and her ear to ear grin makes it hard to find her anything but adorable. It was a perfectly nice dance, a few little mistakes but overall elegant and fitting. Nice. I am now utterly sure Len has the big fat hots for the lady!
My Score – 7 Judges Score – 8,8,8,8

11) Robbie and Ola – Jive
Aside from total lack of hip movement and who gives a rats arse about that anyway, this was pure entertainment, Robbie was on fire! Loved the hair tossing, the kicks, the gurning at the camera, the utter joy that was written all over him. Not the best dance but my utter favourite so far of the night. Robbie kicks bottom – fact!
My Score – 8 Judges Score – 5 (aw Craig you git!) 8,7,7

12) Russell and Flavia - Tango

He who can no longer be named because of his Bruce love, points out that the gurning at the beginning is very like Zoolander, ha he is dead on the money, Russell has both Blue Steel and Magnum down pat! Camp, nutty, slightly odd but fun. Great closer for the show, utter madness. But so funny, camp and brilliant – how can you not love it?
My Score – dancing 5, entertainment 8, Judges Score – 5,6,6,7

My guess for bottom is Lulu, Nancy or possibly Audly!

Results Show
Ah Winkleman, why can't it always be you? This is how good it should be on Saturday's! This results show was 100 per cent better than last week. The opening number was great and really fun. Pasha and Katya's jive/lindyhop was brilliant fun and Flavia and Vincent... I barely have words for how utterly fantastic their Argentine Tango was. So, good and a nice reminder of what the Pro's are capable of. Brilliant show, loved it right up until, oh know, oh Rory, oh baby, our love was so brief and it really didn't last long enough. For years I've found your comedy slightly beyond me or slightly irritating, I didn't know you were a gorgeous, geeky boy under it all with a chest like that! Oh Rory, I might have had a tiny little tear escape. Call me mmmmokay!


  1. Don't be sorry, Hinny. There's nothing to apologise for :-)


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