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Strictly Come Halloween!

Strictly Come DancingHalloween Special

Opening Dance
Jason’s enthusiastic scenery chewing is the highlight of this slightly disappointing opening number. Its choreography is lack lustre, though the costumes and make up are outstanding.  Craig’s arrival on broomstick – fab-u-lous dahlink!

First Of All
This distracted me all the way through the entire show, what the bloody hell has Alesha got stapled to the front of her dress? Is it some kind of comforter/duvet? Did she just have a load of material left over when the dress was made and didn’t want to waste it? Was some Halloween ghoul attacking her? It wobbled about when she got excited and made her look like a right twonk. I couldn’t take anything she said seriously. She did a little harsh judging this episode – I think it was totally to distract from the duvet attacking her – it didn’t work Alesha, it didn’t work!
Another thing – what is going on with the rehearsal segments, there’s no rehearsal just bonker, madness. I can’t decide if I like it or not.

Flavia and Russell – Samba
Flavia looks amazing, but I don’t think Russ and Flav delivered either enough dance to make this passable or enough comedy. A bit disappointing and middling but I still love them and don’t think they’ll be in any danger whatsoever!
Me – 5, Judges – 4,6,6,6,

Chelsea and Pasha – Tango
As they appeared on screen – I said to my A Man, blummin hell, look at her chubobblies they’re a bit in your face. And so if you have barely contained breasts and lots of movement inevitably this will lead to disaster darling. Poor little thing though, she’s so young and it must have been horrid for her. This dance did not live up to last week’s promise, it seemed a little wobbly (no pun intended) and not as sharp as it could’ve been. I find Pasha wonderful to watch though, he’s great!
Me- 7, Judges – 7,8,9,8   (Alesha’s is a pity score I think, which is patronising!)
Audley and Natalie – Jive
Man, I didn’t like this at all. I also thought that Natalie didn’t dance anywhere near her usual standard and wondered if she was actually dumbing down her performance so as not to show Audley up. Costumes and music were great though and my daughter Tala (aged 4) asked me if the girl was a “baddie” because she looks like Poison Ivy offa Batman, I said yes. Mwahahahahhah. The Audly monologue with on the balcony was a bit weird but very funny!
Me – 4   Judges – 3,6,6,5

Alex and James – Paso Doble
This is one of my favourite songs and it was performed beautifully. Alex looked amazing and confident and this dance was full of drama and great storytelling which really suited the music. I really liked this and it was defo Alex’s best dance so far. Real improvement for her this week, lush.
Me – 8  Judges – 7,8,8,8
Holly and Artem – American Smooth
Another massive round of applause for the makeup peeps here – they both look so beautiful. I thought the theme of the dance (or “concept” as Alesha the duvet monster kept calling it, probably to sound like she knows what she’s talking about!) was beautiful it was by far the most unusual American Smooth and in fact Halloween dance I’ve seen and I really loved it. It suited Holly very much and as Len said, “What a number!” Which I think sums it up nicely.
Me – 9   Judges – 8,9,9,9,
Nancy and Anton – Rumba
Aw Nancy rumba walk makes her look quite mannish which I think entirely defeats the purpose. Anton looks a bit hawt in his spangled pants and silver fox hair- who knew?  The dance is just awful though. Badly arranged and badly performed, Anton looks like he has just given up –I think that’s a big shame actually. His stand up routine following the dance was brilliant though!  Lens comment “It had moments of Mills and Boon and moments of Meals on Wheels” made me snigger but I felt bad about the snigger, just so you know!  I think this is probably it for her now.
Me – 2   Judges – 2,5,3,4
Harry and Aliona – Tango
Wow, fabulous music, dancing, characters, storytelling, filled with romance, seduction and drama. Everything and the kitchen sink in this sexy, classy and gorgeous dance. That final neck twisting fall to the fall Aliona does is just flawlessly beautiful and breathtaking. My favourite dance of the night by quite far, I LOVED IT! I also still have Psycho Killer playing in my head.
Me – 10   Judges – 8,7,10,9 – gah Len you divvy – last season’s low marking for Aliona’s dances is back with vengeance  I think – not that I’m still bitter or anything!

Robbie and Ola – Paso Doble
Ok look, I’ll be straight with you, I laughed at Bruce’s intro joke. Just a little guffaw, I still feel dirty actually, I think perhaps I’ll never be clean again. This means however me and A are over our break and off to Central Perk for a giant latte!

Robbie – dawwwww you’re so adorable this dance was utterly looks and comedy over dance content, but it was just worth it for the look on Craig’s face at the end. Comedy Genius – FACT! A little disappointing from Robbie but I still love him, and don’t think he’ll be in any danger!
Me – 6  Judges – 4,7,8,7

Anita and Robin – Tango
Didn’t like this very much to be honest, it was a bit wobbly and a bit dull and I’m sure the judges watched a different dance to the one I saw. I still find Anita adorable and lovely but I think she can do way better than this.
Me – 6   Judges – 7,8,8,8,  (Len shurrup bout Harry’s dance it was so, so much better than this!)
Sexy, sexy, lovely Brendan and Whatshername – Paso Doble
Great opening! I actually like Lulu, she’s a bit of her sweetheart but she does look really ragdoll like and wobbly throughout this dance but she really is improving every week and she deserves a big credit for that.  Entertaining dance if not technically great – you go Lulu girl, keep the sexy butted boy in!
Me – 7   Judges – 6,7,8,8

Jason and Kristina – Quickstep
Loved this, the Midwife is back and giving diamorpine and gas and air willy nilly! This dance was charming and there was something sort of beautifully old fashioned about it that I just loved and it really suited their music. Jason I think may be proper bonkers and I love him. Great choreography from Kristina again, she and Aliona are really knocking it out of the park this series making some of the other pros look wanting as far as I’m concerned.
Me- 9   Judges – LEN SHUT UP! 9,9,10,9

A real mixed bag for me tonight, some really disappointing numbers and a couple of outstanding ones, I think Audly and Nancy will be in trouble and rightly so.
Results Show
Compared to last week’s outstanding results show I found this one a bit disappointing. I like that Tess had gotten dressed up as Kelly from the Misfits!

The pro’s dances I found disappointing again (though Pasha stood out in that first dance – very good) which I think they have no excuse for. But The Winkleman makes up for most things. I HEART The Winkleman – have I mentioned it?
All sense of tension in the show was wiped out for me by my beloved boyfriend TELLING ME who went out before I had a chance to see it! Git. You’re no better Wilson – I’m watching you! So Nancy left us and really I think that’s fair enough and so will The A Man when he stops crying!


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