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Strictly Report Week 7

Strictly Come Dancing- Week 7
What do you mean I missed a week? All I will say about last week is that poor Jason was utterly robbed and though I was sad to see Brendan Lulu go I thought it was fair enough really. Oh one more thing how flipping ROCK is Artem to dance with a fractured spine! He is simply amazing and it was by far Holly’s best dance.
OK, this week we see that because of said injury Brendan sexy bum is dancing with Holly but Artem is still choreographing the dance and off we go!
Alex and James – Jive
I thought this was alright, not outstanding (for outstanding jive action I direct you to watch this clip from Dancing with the Stars; JJ Martinez, American actor and war hero KICKS BOTTOM dancing a Jive to which they’d just been give the music they were dancing to 20 minutes earlier! )

 I hated the little rag doll malarkey and I really disliked the song choice but I think she did a pretty good job.
Me – 7, Judges – 7,8,8,8
Robbie and Ola – American Smooth
Arggh I found this a bit dull, I still love Robbie though and am rooting very hard for him to make it to Wembley.  I think Ola’s choreography is a bit lacking this week.  I feel guilty so moving on!
Me – 7, Judges – 7,8,8,8

Audley and Nat – Char Char Char darlink
I’m going to sound mean, he’s so sweet and a bit barking but it is so, so time for Audley to go, he barely danced, it seemed like Natalie was just dancing around him. I didn’t like it at all. Oh what a big grump I am this week!
Me – 5, Judges – 3,6,6,5

Harry and Aliona – Argentine Tango
All grumpiness vanishes in a cloud of passion as Harry and Aliona live and breathe an exquisite Argentine Tango. They look amazing, their dancing is so beautiful and sharp and dangerous. I LOVED THIS!
Me – 10, Judges 9, 8, 10,10 - *insert usual Len hates Aliona whinge only with added vigour and disbelief and maybe a ball of yarn thrown at his big stupid telly face*

Jason and Kristina – Vienese Waltz
Beautiful and romantic, this is never one of my favourite dances but I really enjoyed this very much, very elegant and soft.  Very nice indeed Mr D, hope your marks reflect your actual dancing and not any other stupid thing!
Me – 9 Judges- 8,9,9,9,

Chelsee and Pasha – Foxtrot
WOW! I didn’t even recognise Chelsee sitting on that piano! Her posture was amazing, her head held at such an elegant angle. And although I did spot that little hop near the end I was amazed at the quality and elegance of this dance. Beautiful!
Me – 9 Judges- 9,8,10,9 *saying nothing about bloody Len here nothing at all!*

Anita and Robin – Argentine Tango
Couldn’t help but compare to Harry and Aliona and it didn’t live up for me. I loved the choreography but I don’t think Anita quite pulled it off. Her legs are far more elegant than her arms, which look a bit stiff and distract from the movements. I say as if I know what the heck I’m talking about.  I’ve watched all 9 series I’m an expert doncha know!
Me- 7, Judges – 7,9,8,9, - *who is Len kidding? Seriously though! Bloody ridiculous, I feel quite furious*
Holly and Artem Brendan – Rumba
Really difficult situation for Holly which I think she is handling really well, and she seems to really get a kick out of having both boys around – and who can blame her? She manages to have some flirty eyes going on with Brendan, which is never there when dancing with Artem and I wonder if Holly is actually struggling with the press surrounding the Strictly dancers and rumours of problems with Artem and Kara Tointon. If that’s the case it’s a real shame.
Me – 8, Judges, 8,8,9,9

Russell and Flavia – American Smooth
Nothing like any other American Smooth I’ve seen and you either I bet! Aw Russ, fabulous entertainment and his dancing is actually pretty good this week, he really is showing improvement – not that it matters a jot. This is fabulous darhhhling and so is he!
Me – 6 Judges -5,7,7,7

Results show
Not very impressed at all with the pro dance again, the boys section much better than the girls but still! Robin and Kristina’s contemporary dance however... oh my goodness, I had a little tear. Robin has never looked so utterly masculine and in control and every one of those tricks looked natural and beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous, this is the pro’s chance to show off and these two really went for it, the music was beautiful too.

Erin and Anton also prodded serious buttock in their dance. It’s lovely to see the pro’s look like they’re really letting go and showing off!  Good stuff. Also the Winkleman – have I mentioned my deep love? I heart that there Winkleperson!
I think Audley leaving is fair dos, whoever goes next week will however be a wrench; I love this cast now and can’t wait for Wembley week. Bring it on!

I leave you with an idea - let's start a petition to steal Dancing With The Stars fabuous Derek Hough who would rival even Brendan in the bottom department. Hubba!


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