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Strictly Shorter

Reet then me darlings, it's that time of the week again, this is going to be short, sweet and with minimal perving (hahahahhah - you don't really believe that do you?) Anyhoo Keeeeeeeeeeep reading:

Sophie and Brendan - Foxtrot
Lovely, she managed to look really relaxed and elegant and old Hollywood to perfection all the way through this. Fabulous frock dahlinks!
Scores - Me - 9 Judges 8,9,9,9

Fiona and Anton - Rumba (?)
OH NOES it's return to the Dell'Olio's/Hall/Widdecombe state of affairs. Howay man bonny lass, that poor boy has been through enough. Yeah, I honestly think her biggest problem is her nerves, can they not like, sedate her or summick? Or a couple of G&T's usually sorts me out. They're going to be in trouble fairly quickly if things don't improve
Me - 5 Judges 4,6.6.6

Mark and Iveta -Cha Cha Cha  (for some reason in my notes at this point I have written "urgh Brucie I could VOM!" I have managed to block out of my memory whatever it was he did. If you know - please don't tell me I don't need that memory back - cheers!)
This dance displayed Myer levels of bonkerness, Mark in his shitcatcher pants and gold lame top, it was comedy fooking genius. I loved every second, and actually he was really good, the dude can shift can't he? I laughed along, and it was 'with' and not 'at' which is fabulous!
Me - 8 Judges 3,8,8,7

Ashley and Ola - Viennese Waltz
It was alreet, fairly elegant, a little bit boring. I thought he did a fairly good job and I liked Ola's dress. S'it.
Me - 7 Judges - 7,8,8,8

Julien and Janette - Salsa
Have you ever been to someones house and the parents fetch out the beloved child they think is talented and they make the child perform, and then you have to tell the snot nosed git that it's fabulous and amazing and on the inside you really want to leave and never come back? That.
Me - 3 Judges - 4,6,7,6
* I have just stuck a mp3 of my child singing at the end of a podcast BUT that is totally different because she is singing the Defenders of the Earth theme tune and it's hilarious, she's RUBBISH it's cute as hell. Totally different...shuddup o yer faces!

Rachel and Pasha - Quickstep
Mmmmm Pasha, if only you'd taken your top off it might have distracted us all from the fact that it was a little bit too difficult for her. Loved the concept, loved the outfits but she's a little gawky and though I think it's good to push maybe this was a push too hard?
Me - 7 Judges 5,7,7,7

*I love the relationship between Len and Bruno, it's usually more like this on the American version, but Bruno falling off his chair laughing here was just a delightful highlight for me. Love his face.

Ben and Kristina - Salsa
Look, I don't know about the rest of you, but when that geet bloke starts flinging this little woman all over the shop, my brain goes to a naughty, naughty place. If your brain does not work that way I both envy and pity you in equal measure. That was fabulous, he's still a little stiff (oooer) but he is blatantly loving it now, and that's joyful to watch and those lifts were sooo impressive, I actually gasped when they did that when where her face went speeding towards the floor..oh my gosh that's good telly that is!
Me - 8 Judges - 8,8,8,7

Deborah and Robin - Jive
I can't believe how much I love the po faced one offa Dragons Den! It's that bloody grin, it's on her face the whole time it's infectious, she remains utterly adorable despite wobby problems and flagging energy levels.
Me - 6 Judges - 5,6,6,6

Natalie and Artem - Quickstep
No quips, no funny remarks. That was outstanding and I loved every bloody second. That is all.
Me- 9 Judges- 9,9,8,9

Patrick and Anya - Cha Cha Cha
Sexy and naughty this boy can cha cha. That was really, really good. I enjoyed it no end. He was pulling some really weird faces but his hips and bum were mesmorizing so who cares?

Abby and Aljaz - Tango
Her best dance so far and my favourite dance of the night

Dramatic and beautiful and just unexpected - especially with the music choice, that was inspired. I really loved it. Go Abby!
Me - 9 Judges 9,8,9,9

Dave and Karen - Waltz
Another beautiful flipping frock, I want this one though obviously I would look like a badly stuffed settee in it. A sweet dance missing the Myer magic in my opinion. But nice
Me - 6 Judges - 5,6,6,6

Susanna and Kevin - Samba
I loved the concept and storytelling but it did make me think about how the girls dance on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. She's gorgeous and it was a bit messy but she's just beautiful to watch - wildly sexy! I love her
Me - 7 Judges 6,7,88

The opening dance was stunning, much more like it. I really loved it!
Tess's dress was minging and black shoes - what were you thinking?!
Dance Off - Rachel and Pasha and Julien and Janette unsurprisingly

Well I thought Rachel danced much better that time so the result was pretty obvious. Bye Julian, I WON'T miss the random SHOUTING! 


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