Thursday, 28 November 2013


I've just been rooting through my ridiculously towering pile of notebooks (am I the only one with a notebook fetish? I fooking love them) of course I need something I wrote in one of them at some point, now so can't find it. Anyway I did find this, I can't actually remember writing it but it must have been during my last bout of insomnia several years ago - it made me smile so I thought I'd share it.

Thursday Night
Dogs barking
Cars starting
Boys shouting
Girls laughing
Doors slamming
Walls shaking
Glass breaking
Sirens wailing.
Stairs creaking
Music playing
Feet running
Heels clumping
House sighing
Baby crying
Him snoring
Cat purring
Me sleeping?
Not fucking likely! 

In other news, no Strictly bloggage this week as I was away at Thoughtbubble, which I will talk about next Whittle Waffle, so I still haven't seen the results show. BUT me and Izobel did watch The Hough and Amber Riley do their show dance on Dancing With The Stars, and though he is slightly clothed for my liking, I'm still liking! Enjoy.

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