Thursday, 21 November 2013

Strictly Blackpool

Woohooooooo it's Blackpool week. I love this week, I love how hyper excited everyone gets, the OTT nature of it and how it has a sense of occasion. Lovely. Lets rock on...rock on...I'm so fooking funny! Firstly the opening dance with all the little kiddies and the whole cast and the older folks etc was wonderful I utterly loved it. Brilliant and we're off to a flying start

Sophie and Brendan - Quickstep
LOVED it. A very Hollywood quickstep, lovely storytelling and pace and so nice to see her a bit more relaxed and smiling - I think it's a hair thing yer nah. If you pinned my hair back so tight it didn't move for an entire day, I think I'd struggle to appear full o sexy too. But that hair flying wild she's FREE, FREEEEEEEEe! Nice. I also love how she really thanked the extra dancers for catching her so beautiful. Free and well mannered, go Sophie!
Me - 9 Judges 7? 9,9,9

Patrick and Anya - Samba
Those stupid Samba bumjobs I'm surprised we don't have more incidents like this. AWWW I felt for her though. The malfunction just threw them off..I was so sad. Bless em. He has the sexy hips and everything it could've been so good. Ah well there was the remains of a really good dance about it!
Me - 8 Judges 8,9,9,9

Ben and Kristina - American Smooth
CENSORED  ...beautiful facial expressions which made me think CENSORED..oooh and those lifts which couldn't fail to bring to mind CEEEEEEENNNNNNNNSSSSSOOOOOOOOORRRRRED.
HEll YES! Let's have another look at it eh?
Me - 10 (fook off we've had this conversation!) Judges 8,8,8,8

Ashley and Ola - Paso Doble
Cowboy Paso? Really? I thought with - I'll be honest with you - a cynical and bemused air! I kind of loved that. I think they really pulled it off. The best bit is how well Ashley danced with the other male dancers, he really did not look out of place at all and I think that was a brave decision. Bonkers but brilliant!
Me - 9 Judges

Fiona and Anton - American Smooth
Although this is her best dance so far it was littered with mistakes, timing issues and awkwardness. Nice frock though! So yer nah, not all bad!
Me - 6 Judges 6,7,8,8

Abbey and Aljaz - Quickstep
Beautiful and joyous, I loved watching this. I loved the bit where she forgot herself a little and started singing. I think there was a bit of gapping, I noticed that too but it wasn't too bad and I think Mr RH was a little hard on these two this week
me - 9 Judges - 7, 10,10,10

Mark and Iveta - Jive
I found that painful to watch I'm afraid, stompy, slow horrid feet. It looked hard work. I watched through my fingers. Still though, 100% better than last week in my opinon! At least it wasn't creepy! Another contender for the Dance Off methinks!
Me - 5 Judges 5,8,8,8

Susanna and Kevin from Grimsby - Paso Doble
My dance of the night, I loved the proper old school feel to both the tone and look of it. I loved the music. It felt so appropriate to Blackpool week. Susanna is really understanding and picking up the 'character' of the dances more now and you can see it in both her reaction afterwards as well as throughout the dance. I just loved it. Also the dude was rocking them fancy pants oooh oooh and talking about pants did you see her flashing hers left right and centre it was a freaking PANTS FEST! More of this type of thing please!
Me - 10 Judges 9, 10,10,10

Natalie and Artem - Charleston
Fab, very stylish absolutely beautifully performed with sense of humour and character. I really should look forward to these two dancing more. But there's something not working for me, there doesn't seem to be that much of a connection between them. Mebbe they're too good. I dunno can't put my finger on it but I really enjoyed the dance and the music choice
me - 9 Judges 9, 10,10,10


 LOVED the opening dance with the old school feel to it. Brilliant! The bottom two are as totally expected Mark and Iveta and Anton and Fiona. And now for some entertainment oh oh NO NO stop wheeling out bloody bloody bloody BLOODY BLOODY Andre Rieu, he is full of Bill Oddie weirdness that upsets my flight or fight instinct, I can't bloody, bloody bear it. Oh don't worry because here's some more 'entertainment' oh no sorry my mistake it's JLS. WEll, I think my midlife crisis is kicking into old lady grumpy overdrive....erm maybe.

So we wave a goodbye to Fiona and Anton, they had a good innings as we grumpy old ladies are wont to say. I think Mark and Iveta caught a break - let's see how they cope next week!

As is becoming normal here is a video of Derek Hough - this isn't even from a current series but I don't even care because I am borderline obsessed and slightly stalkery!

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