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Strictly Halloween

Let's kick straight off by talking about the opening dance. I love that everyone was involved, Bruno and his snake hips going mental on a podium always cheers me up. And I loved the little bit of Darcy and Len dancing, and Craig was shimmying like a mo fo in his chair. I just loved it, a real spectacle, in a good way! Woohoo!

 * I forgot to make note of the judges scores for the first two dances - sorry!

Patrick and Anya - Quickstep 
Here man, how brilliant was this? Fab costumes, fab choreography, fast and engaging, the music was excellent. Good job dudes!
Me- 9

Fiona and Anton - Charleston
Was this the most boring Charleston ever? I think quite possibly, except for the deep and meaningful questions it throws up like why are they scarecrows? They don't do anything scarecrowey, there's no hint of comedic scarecrow type dancing of the Wizard of Oz variety. Why do they do that dreadful bit with the hoe's (there's a dirty joke there I'm not touching!) - just why? Why was it so slow, what the hell was the song choice and again, how did that scream 'scarecrow'? What is the meaning of life anyway? This was just, well I hate to say it but, shite. 
Me - 2 

Ben and Kristina - Paso
HOLY SHIT! I think I orgasmed! Did Kristina even turn up? Did anyone remember to look at the dudes feet? I feel bad for objectifying this man in this manner but shut yer face, you did too! I know you did, you dorty get! Here have another look at it - you're welcome! 

Me - 10! (shurrupayerface!) Judges - 7,8,9,8

Sophie and Brendan - Jive
Hmmmm, not Sophie's best dance by far, She's made of knees and elbows here, it's very gawky and not very sharp, but she looks amazing and the ending was beautiful, I loved Brendan's jump, comedy gold! 
Me - 7 Judges - 6,7,8,7

Natalie and Artem - Viennese Waltz
I thought this utterly, utterly beautiful. I loved the concept, the use of smoke to have her emerging from the 'lake' just wonderful, elegant and graceful and gorgeous. Man, she is so good!
Me - 10 Judges- 9,10,9,10 (I loved Darcey and Bruno's high five here!)

Mark and Iveta - Disco Doble
Weird mash up eh? I think Mark can really dance and he had really good presence and rhythm, but I don't think the concept quite worked, Paso should be moody and passionate and commanding and it was too fun for that. I do like him though and it was entertaining
Me - 7 Judges - 6,6,7,6 (harsh!)

*any excuse for Hough Time, here's The Hough dancing the Doble with Glee's Amber Riley on this weeks Dancing With The Stars - it's wonderful - and the picture quality is much better than this still shows!

Rachel and Pasha - American Smooth
Lovely opening (said the bishop to the actress - sorry!). Loved the concept and the choreography and indeed the exquisite costumes here. But, though she received lots of praise, I still thought it looked like she was made of elbows, it was much better but honestly I feel for her, I do, because the girl is just not a dancer and that Pasha has her attempting this is all credit to both of them. So I'm not ending this on a down note here's a picture of Pasha, just in case you forgot what he looks like, ahem.
Me- 6 Judges- 7,7,8,8

Ashley and Ola - Tango
Wow, is Ola choreographing this? If so she's really stepped up this series, this is fantastically entertaining. I loved it. I thought he had the staccato, aggressive nature of the Tango very well. He had the character down and though maybe some posture and footwork problems, overall it was very engaging. I sometime forget about Ashley a little bit, he drops off the radar slightly but I think I'll be paying closer attention now, his best dance so far methinks!
Me - 8 Judges 8,9 erm, that's all I've written down, I must've been distracted by a small loud person...not me mam, Tala!

Abbey and Aljaz - Rumba
I think this is a very difficult dance and she pulled it off very well. She looked beautiful and the dance was elegant and sexy and romantic, her hips divven't really move but Aljaz hid this well by the dastardly move of standing in front of her and attempting a buttock mesmorisation technique, smart man, very smart! 
me - 8 Judges - 8,8,9,9

Dave and Karen - Jive
Well, ye nah what this was like right? It was like they pulled one of them Hairy Bikers offa the telly and made him dance. That's EXACTLY what it looked like to me! Bless him
Me - 4 Judges - 4,5,6,4

Susanna and Kevin - Charleston
Who fucking well knows what this dance was like, I certainly don't! What I think happened was this, the cameramen - who have been quite fabulous this series so far - were kidnapped and thrown in the broom cupboard, where possibly they discovered Gordon the Gopher is still alive, he has been living on spiders and is all emaciated and bald in places and is rabid and dangerous - I'm really worried about those cameramen- I'm just saying. In the meantime doppelgangers, who are complete and total morons took over the cameras and were enjoying the music so much that they all just started spinning like complete fuckers!  I was furious but I've calmed down a bit now - you can tell can't you? 
Judges - 8,8,9,9


I liked the opening dance very much, a bit different, whoever is choreographing this week has out done themselves. Good stuff!

Result 1) Abbey and Aljaz. Well, I was utterly gobsmacked by this, really stunned - not expected at all. Aw I wanted to give her a big, fat hug I did.

Result 2) Rachel and Pasha - again I was amazed, I thought she did enough to save herself this week, I was incredibly surprised not to see Fiona and Anton in the bottom 2 this week. 

They really didn't need to do the Dance Off as it was perfectly obvious who was going to go through, Rachel was well aware of that too and that she went out there and danced it better made me fall in love with her a little bit. We'll miss you Rachel and all your elbows, you were a gorgeous, gawky joy to watch! 


  1. FYI: Fiona & Anton were dancing to "Jeepers Creepers" which is also the title of a horror film that features a killer scarecrow.

    Though that doesn't forgive the fact they they weren't remotely scary scarecrows (took me a while to figure out the Jeepers Creepers connection - I was thinking "are they doing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Wizard Of Oz?") or that their charleston was boring. But I hate Charlestons anyway.


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