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Strictly Winkleman

So, reet then. Late due to just watching the results show last night as it was the little ones  birthday at the weekend. Let's do this shit people! First off - my girl crush on The Winkleman is alive and kicking and what a frock me darlings, what a frock!

Ben and Kristina - Jive
Well, hello Sailor! Look, I am very shallow and indeed superficial and I geet find the dude incredibly watchable. Loved the routine and yes it was a little heavy and laboured but really, does it matter? Nope!
Me -7 Judges - 4(Craig was probs in the huff he'd put his top back on...I know I was!) 7,8,7

*note this is the SECOND time Tess has forced a Judge Dredd ref in here  and this makes me like Tess - not because of the hideous joke but I too have a habit of repeating jokes I think are funny over and over again. I am worse than Tess though because I laugh at them too. Hugs for Tess and her SHIT jokes please!

Fiona and Anton - Paso Doble
 This suffered in the extreme because the bastard cameraman from last week was back and this time ON THE WALTZER! Just stop it, it's horrid! Anyway, I dunno if it was because I am mean or seasick but ah didn't like it. She tried really hard but it just wasn't working for me. Lack of polish, lack of passion, a tiny bit stumbly. Just not quite there. Bloody aaaful dress in all!
Me - 6 Judges 5,7,7,7

Abbey and Aljaz - Charleston
Cor, that wig made her look like a hard face coobag didn't it? Aside from that, very cool and stylish rather than comical and fast but I really liked it. A jazz charleston, I approve!
Me - 9 Judges 9,9,9,9

Mark and Iveta - Rumba
 Was that really a rumba though? Really? They went for a comedy angle that just failed abysmally. The Rumba is sexy and passionate and romantic. And although this dance had that in places, it was totally overided by the comedic aspect of the costumes. They both looked ludicrous rumbaring about like the last stragglers at a fancy dress party...go home Mark and Iveta you're drunk!
Me - 4 Judges - 5,6,7(7??? Go home you in all Len you're drunk too!) 5

Susanna and Kevin - Waltz
Sublime. Beautiful, romantic graceful and elegant with lovely storytelling and just stomach hurting, tearwelling loveliness. Not that I welled up I'm a geet hard northern bastard but yer nah, if yer that way inclined like! Lovely!
Me - 10 Judges 9,9,9,9

Dave and Karen - Tango
Heavy and laboured - does it matter? YES, I'm afraid it does. Not because Ben is hotter than Dave that has nowt to do with it. But just every single thing was wrong with this dance except the skirts, I loved the skirts! No passion, not much dancing - walking fast isn't the same thing Dave me little dumpling. Aww love him, and I do but he is being utterly outclassed now and the comedy value always begins to dim when good dancers start being in the bottom two. I think it's time for Dave to leave though his Paso will live forever in my heart!
Me - 4 Judges - 4,6,6,4

Natalie and Artem - Shouldabeenajive
Fainting girl = straight to Blackpool. I dunno how I feel about that. I pass straight to Blackpool...I reckon she would've gone anyway and I'm not sure how any other way is fair it. I just am a little bit ambivalent about the rules here.

Ashley and Ola - Quickstep
LUSH! I utterly loved it, loved the routine, the song the ending. Energetic and entertaining. Ohh he's a dark horse alright, I love it!
Me - 9 Judges

Sophie and Brendan - Argentine Tango
That was ...ok. A beautiful and stylish routine, and a very good song choice. Really it could have been amazing  - the opening and closing were beautiful and so was the storytelling. It just really lacked passion and it's such a shame. Such a shame.She just seems detached and that will work for her in some of the other dances but not this one.
Me - 8 Judges - 8,8,8,8

Just cos I miss them muchly this's that Vincent and Flavia ,Argentine Tangoing it up for your viewing pleasure

Patrick and Anya - American Smooth
Little wobble at the end there but overall fooking brilliant. I loved that, it oozed glamour and hollywood and Fred Astaire Full of razzledazzle (aww fooking hell I'm turning into Len!) and amazing lifts and just wonderful. Very exciting choreography from Anya who is some addition to the Pro pack is she not people?
Me - 10 Judges 9,10,9,9

I have written NOWT down about the results show damnit! I loved the opening dance and the singers - that was lovely and I was not surprised by the final two and even less surprised by Dave and Karens departure. I will miss his nutty bloody face though. He has been wonderful, a comedy genius who didn't outstay his welcome. I salute you Dave Myers and will miss you!

Over at Dancing With The Stars central last week was Cher week and she stood in for our Len on the judging panel...this here is the highlight from my biggest current crush in the world THE HOUGH.  PHWOAR!


  1. I'm not sure Karen's outfit could be termed kilt really and it was her's that I loved. :-D


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