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ALL HAIL THE RETURN OF THE MIGHTY WINKLEMAN...and now, now my Strictly viewing experience is complete. That's my girl!

So The Big W is back and Tess is cosplaying as Greased Lightening, you know it's going to be a good show.

And the opening dance was absolutely wonderful and a nice play on the return of the DANCE OFF! I really liked that they did that, I loved the switching between dances and the costumes were gorgeous and I really enjoyed the whole thing. I enjoyed it so much I really was tempted to rewind and watch it again but no..on with the show!

So with all the pomp ceremony and tension we've come to expect and somewhat dread (and didn't Natalie Lowe look like she was chewing wasps the whole waiting time eh?) we find out that the first couple in the dance off is Johnny and Iveta and I think that is utterly fair enough.

Then we have a break for relieved giggling from those who are through and one of my favourite parts of the Sunday show - Len's Lens! Bruno's face gurning whilst Michael Vaughan dances was nearly the best bit but he was overshadowed by Artem's Amazing Articulation - I cried laughing at this it was brilliant! I also enjoyed Len's singing, ahhhhhhhhhhh The Winkleman I've missed you most of all.

Ok, so more build up, tension, tension, darkness, music, you lot know how it goes and dum dum duuuuuuuuuuuummmm Richard and Erin hit the dance off. I think this is somewhat unfair as the worst performance of the night did come from No Neck Nicky and the Disappearing Dancer, but what can you do. And what follows is, understandably, two very shaky dances. But Richard definitely had the edge as far as I was concerned. And it seemed the very sensible and wise judges agreed with me (as is should be!).

Johnny was the only one I had difficulty warming to (which I blame on my friend Lisa who told me a story once that I can never shake out of my head, she in fact spoiled Johnny Ball and some of my childhood in one anecdote...though to be honest my favourite was always Tony Hart - if she has any stories about him she can naff right off!) so I'm almost pleased he's gone. But from this point I think I am going to be sad to lose anyone - this has never happened to me so early in the series and just shows what a great line up Strictly has this year.

To end on a high note - here's another look at my favourite dance of the weekend Denise and James' Jive


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