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Strictly Week 2

 Let's doooooooo it as Rik Mayall would possibly say. 

Now, the show opens with Bruce speaking "street" well O.M.G. indeed is what I say to that and please, please look at the nice retirement homes.

1) Nicky and Karen - Cha Cha Cha dahlink
Well, No Neck Nicky does charver dancing in his hoodie this week. Awful, it really was awful, I had to watch through my fingers. I do feel for Nicky though, he says he couldn't hear the music and winged it so that explains some of the awkwardness and oddness, but where was his pro? She should have appeared immediately to the rescue (we all know, including you Vicki, that Brendan would have been right there in his sparkly armour) instead of leaving him to wiggle. I remain unimpressed with Karen so far which is a shame, the last few new dancers have injected energy and been wonderful. But, hopefully next week will be better.

My Score - 3
Judges - 4,5,4,5

2) Colin and Kristina - Viennese Whirl, erm Waltz
As always Kristina (who looked like Barbie does Strictly in a kind of wonderful way) knocks the choreography out of the park in a deliciously romantic routine. Colin was a little bumpy and steppy in places and though not as good as his Latin dance it was still rather lovely.

My Score - 6
Judges - 6,6,6,6

3) Dani and Vincent - Hot and Spicy Saucy Salsa
What a fun dance, fantastically energetic, fast paced and fun. I really enjoyed this, she was a little stiff, I agreed with Craig's splat dismount analogy but it really didn't matter as this really had the wow factor. Good stuff

My Score - 7
Judges - 7,6,7,7

*aside* I actually laughed at Bruce's comment about the song having good lyrics BUT then he has to push it further and further until you feel dirty having laughed in the first place. PITHY comments Bruce, get in do the gag and get the hell back out

4) Fern and Artem -  Ooooooooooh Viennnnnna!
Aw, I love Fern quite a lot. I love her flirty face and her pointed looks and her funny comments. I think she did ok, she had a touch of the LuLu's but she kept going and she looked beautiful. C'mon girl you can do it. Someone tell her to unleash her inner goddess will they, she needs a boost!

My Score - 5
Judges - 6,6,6,6

5) Richard and Erin - Cha Cha Cha?
Shades of Russell, I think some of the judges (except the ever sensible and usually right Craig!) have pushed him into this and I think it's a shame I really do. We don't need a new Russell, Russell was brilliant and I loved him and he was hilarious but we don't need an inferior copy. Let Richard alone, don't dress him in horrendous floral prints don't make him be car crash telly. I also think Erin lost her mojo a bit in this dance and it looked to me as if she slipped slightly. She was not our usual Erin. If I were a teacher I would be writing "must try harder" on their homework.

My Score - 4
Judges - 3,6,5,5

6)Victoria and Brendan - "Foxy"trot
Man, were you all holding your breath? I was! The stress, the stress, but HURRAH. She did it. Some little mistakes here and there, not brilliant spinning and odd shoulder posture BUT it was elegant, classy and really had that atmosphere of old Hollywood about it, I have to be honest, I whooped several times in relief and excitement, I think she'll get better and better and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her (and Brendan of course!)

My Score - 6
Judges - 6,6,7,7

7)Michael and Natalie - Jive Bunny
Well ya bugger! I think this routine was far, far too ambitious for a week 2 dance for a dancer of Michael's level so I think that Natalie needs to take the blame for this some what disssahhhsterous dance. Now, I have to be honest - I loved it. It was all over the place, they weren't in synchronicity once, it was absolutely full of mistakes but despite all of that he looked well hawt in those trousers with his snake hips with that big buckle and  I am a shallow, shallow lady and very easily pleased by such things.

My score - 4
Judges - 2,5,4,4

8) Louis and Flavia - Viennese Hairdo
Right, I missed almost all of this dance because I was horrifically unable to look away from Louis head. Either his absolutely stoooopad hairdo or the weird plasticky facial expression he had donned. I am sure the dance was lovely and probably technically better than anyone else so far, but I dunno, I was utterly unengaged by it, I blame his 'do.

My Score - 6
Judges - 7,7,8,8

9) Denise and James - Jive Talkin!
Now that is a fooking jive yo! A week 2 jive people, which contained a cartwheel and a double splits! Full of amazing energy and personality I loved every single second of this so high paced she got flipping whiplash, fantasticness! My favourite dance of the night.

My score (as guessed by the A man because of the whooping!) 8
Judges - 8,8,8,8

10) Johnny and Iveta - Fox"trotty"
Iveta is wonderful, I really hope they bring her back again. She is a fantastic partner in that she unobtrusively without pretension or OTTness quietly diverts all your attention to her, and she's gorgeous to watch and it's really clever as you're not looking at Johnny. Who was, well as  expected.

My score - 4
Judges - 5,5,5,5

11) Sid and Ola - Can't get no Salsafaction
I LOVE Sid, I love his energy his enthusiasm and his confident strutting. And I think this routine was great - Ola's boobies were mesmerizing, the lifts and the handstand were fantastic too. Though there were some mistakes and his hip action needs some work, but bearing in mind this is week 2 I 'm a happy camper. C'mon my son!

My score - 6
Judges - 6,6,5,5

12) Kimberly and Pasha - Foxtrot Alpha Bravo
I thought that this dance was bloody lovely. It was atmospheric, sad and poignant, elegant and beautiful. They had a nice connection and this routine was beautiful - I even welled up a little at the end. This was my fav ballroom dance of the night. It wasn't perfect but it was lovely to watch.

EXCEPT for the freaking spinning camera work - what the hell was that! I think the camera dept have a new toy hopefully they'll calm down so we don't all get motion sickness!

My score - 7
Judges - 7,6,6,7  (Aw Len, HARSHNESS)

13) Jerry and Anton - Foxtrippy
(A man asked me my expectation of this dance before it started and I had to admit it was zero!) I kept hearing Patrick Swayze's voice in my head exclaiming, " Spaghetti arms!" all the way through the dance. BUT,  better than I expected and her leg extension at the end was pretty fantastic.

My Score - 4
Judges - 3,5,5,5

14) Lisa and Robin - Vienese Panto
I found it almost shocking to see how light Lisa is on her feet, she really is impressive. The storytelling was beautiful as was the choreography. A little bumpy and steppy in places and not as jawdropping as her Cha Cha Cha last week but still fantastic. I love this duo, they are perfectly matched and I'm enjoying them a lot.

My Score - 6
Judges - 7,6,6,6

A poor opening led on to an absolutely wonderful show. I loved every second and also I didn't dislike Tess as much as usual this time around. I have had the realisation that she is only really annoying when she's with Bruce. It seems like she doesn't know what to do with her face when he's doing his thing. So she does these odd poses and facial expressions like a champion gurner. But up with the dancers she's much more relaxed and easy. Or I am finally mellowing in my old age - one of the two! So looking forward to the results show and the return of the dance off.  See the next post for that.


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