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Strictly Late!

Wotcha Strictly fans, I'm sorry I'm late with this entry - it's half term and my two terrors are keeping me on my toes - so if my spelling and grammar are a bit dodgy it's because there is no time for editing. Take your eyes off the little dears for more than a minute or two and the next thing you're steeping a five year old for an hour following a freak face paint incident - that's all I'm saying!

Strictly Week 4 - Halloween Special!

Opening Dance - to Thriller - mebbes a bit predictable but very well done and it's nice to see the celebs included in the group dance and Bruno was fantastically OTT. Then we move into Bruce's seemingly endless and joyless anecdote follwed by him dancing Gangam Style - which made my insides curl up and wither with embarrassment - thank goodness Tess joined in to ease my discomfort - slightly!

1) Dani and Vincent - Cha Cha Cha
Ok. let's get wiggate out of the way, Freddie is blond and Shaggy is a redhead, and being fond of red headed boys who favour brown trews, I have to say they made the wrong, wrong WRONG decision on the wig. Also the song was very slow and an odd choice for Cha Cha Cha-ing, in my opinion. But she has fast feet and they work really beautifully together and I really do think she is improving so much every week that she derserves naught but praise.
My Score - 7
Judges - 6,6,8,7

2) Richard and Erin - Paso Doble
One of my most favourite pieces of music, gorgeous, passionate and dramatic and bless him he did his best, and did quite well I thought. His facial expressions were pretty good, he looked quite a bit blokey like, which yah ner, is good! His posture and arms were lacking but the routine and Erin were beautiful. He really went for it and this lifted him up in my opinion - nowt worse than a lacklustre Paso is there?
My Score - 6
Judges - 5,5,7,5

3) Lisa and Robin - Charleston
Awwwwwwwww, I always want to love her and I do love her but all the movement this week was from the waist up and I also found it very repetitious. I really feel let down this week. I really hope they come back with a bang next week. Not literally, we don't need another canon (and defintiely not a Ball)
My Score - 5
Judges - 6,6,7,7

4) Sid and Ola and Iveta - Cha Cha Bleugh
Oh dear - firstly, the only fail in teh wardrobe department here, a skin tight flesh coloured suit  YACK -not even beautiful Ola was pulling that look off I'm afraid. And the odd highness of the belt - what have they done to slightly sexy Sid eh? Boooo! Secondly, SSS looked like he was bricking it, the nerves were palpatable (possibly due to the different partner situation) and thirdly where the hell were the hips? No attack, no hips, this looked like a week one dance. So disappointing as I love Sid and I truly believe he can do much better than this -though the breakdancing was pretty fab!
My Score - 4
Judges - 2,5,5,5

5)No Neck Nicky and Karen - Tango
I didn't like it. It was tango via boy band. His posture and frame are all too loose, none of the staccato and sexiness that I love about the tango. Boy band tango with manic fixed grin - just not my cup of tea. I would really like to see a proper tango this series!
Me - 6
Them - 6,6,7,7

6) Fern and Artem - American Smooth
Fern looked like a sex goddess vixen lady and danced like a virgin princess. BORING and disappointing. Bring out the filth Fern!
Me - 4
Them - 4,5,6,6

7) Denise and James - Cha Cha Cha
Denise did a little trip on the way out of the cage and I think it activated nerve central. She made a few mistakes and she was lacking some hip action but her facial expressions are fantastic and I still think she did really well, but after 2 outstanding weeks from Denise, "pretty good" seems like a let down. Which is unfair really, but if you're very good you are judged more harshly when you have an off week,.
Me - 7
Judges - 7,7,7,7

8) Michael and Natalie - Quickstep
BLOODY HELL! Where did that come from! That was outstanding and bordering on wonderous. Is this even the same guy as last week? Fast, accurate, light and brilliant - I'm still gobsmacked about this 3 days later!
Me - 8
Judges - 8,8,8,7 (well bugger me backwards has Bruno ever been the lowest scoring judge before!)

9) Victoria and Brendan - Tango
FINALLY! Finally a) she made it through a dance and b) a tango a real proper tango. I loved everything about this from the costumes to the music to the routine, great character, good spins and a little bit sexy. I thought it was gorgeous
Me - 8
Them - 7,8,8,8

10) Colin and Kristina - Salsa
A bit messy but the man can move, good hip action and good lifts. I do think Colin needs to raise his game a little, he doesn't seem to be improving week by week like all of the other contestants so yes, not purrrrrfect but entertaining.
Me - 6
Them - 5,7,6,6

11) Louis and Flavia - Tango
Good, another proper tango. Footwork, gymnastics, turns and acting all good. Flavia's amazing dancing hair - fabulous. Louis slightly gormless ballroom face was back but obscured by the make up which was good. That finally jump up into zombieville was great but once again the cameraman got completely overexcited when the flaviorites (hahah) hit the stage. I find this really annoying. Also whilst I very much enjoyed this routine I thought Brendan and Victoria's was better. I bet I'm the only one though.
Me - 8
Them - 8,9,9,9 -  (three nines, and nine is made of 3 three's and three as we know is a magic number -oh my gawd!)

12) Kimberly and Pasha - Paso Doble
Fanflippingtastic, great movement around the floor, fantastic shaping, great facial expressions. She really attacked that. Her timing is immaculate and Pasha as always blows it out of the water with his choreography. This might have been my dance of the night.
Me - 8
Them - 8,8,7,8

Overall - I loved this episode. I loved all the silly "spooky" intros, the costumes, the sets everything. I think Sid and Fern will hit the dance off, which makes me sad!


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