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Welcome To Hollywood Baby, Strictly Stylee!

Hollywood week kicks off with an outrageously Kristina heavy performance which I absolutely loved. Loved the fan dancing (oooer!), the old world glamour of the camera above/leg dancing shenanigans  I love Kristina - she is my favourite of the female Pros and this was just fantastic. Yes I'll definitely "Have a little bit of this" (That was my version of a Bruce joke - did you groan, didya?)

And then Craig arrives dressed as the Tin Man, that did in fact make me giggle, I love Craig an almost embarrassing amount! On with the show!

1) Fern and Artem - Charleston - Mary Poppins
I think that has to be the slowest Charleston I have ever seen, I was waiting for it to rev up and get going - and the comedy funny faces and the daft Charleston moves and they just didn't happen. It was elegant and I think Fern looked amazing but I really felt disappointed by this; although her backwards splits between Artem's legs was very impressive it wasn't enough to save this dance for me.
My Score - 5
Judges Score - 5,6,6,6

*Ha - did you think I would let this opportunity for a gratuitous Dick Van Dyke photo pass me by? HECK no. I freaking love DVD with a passion that has been undiminished for 30 years, like I would waste an opportunity as golden as this one!  

2) Victoria and Brendan - Rumba - An Officer And A Gentleman
Aw pet, multiple wardrobe malfunctions left this dance a mess. It's such a shame as it started really quite well  and looked like it could have been ok - most celebs struggle with this dance (it's a bit sexy like innit) so I always give them a bit of a pass for this dance but by the end of this one I just wanted to give poor Vic a hug. I hope next week (should they survive this) goes well for her.
My Score - 5
Judges - 4,5,7,6

3) Michael and Natalie - Cha Cha Cha - The Full Monty
Very nearly an nasty accident at the end of this dance, he just about saved himself didn't he? In more ways than one. I think Michael looked really quite awkward throughout the dance and he definitely has timing issues but he's trying so hard and he really does have quite a spectacular bottom and his hip action is pretty good. So yer nah, not all bad, not really very good either though
My Score - 4
Judges - 3,6,6,4

4) Jerry and Anton - Quickstep - The Graduate
Her best performance so far I think. She is still suffering from 'spaghetti arms' but her footwork was pretty nice. She is never, ever going to top the leaderboard but I think this was a massive improvement and the ending of the dance made me snigger - Anton is definitely playing to her strengths - the biggest being her fantastic sense of humour!
My score - 5
Judges Score - 3,6,5,4

5) Sid and Ola - Tango? - Rock of Ages
This did not feel like a tango on any level. I hated the choreography it was nowt or summat, it was all over the place and as Sid is one of my very favs I found this incredibly disappointing and would not be at all surprised if he went out on the basis of this dance. Poor Sid *sniff*
My Score - 4
Judges - 4,4,5,4  Awwwwwwwww Sid!

6) Kimberly and Pasha - Quickstep - Summer Stock
Glorious choreography, an absolutely beautiful performance. I loved the opening section, the outfits, the routine, Kimberly's fantastic ear to ear smile. Just wonderful. I think Pasha is amazing at creating a sense of atmosphere and he hit the nail on the head again this week. I adore him.
My Score - 7
Judes - 7,7,7,8

*yes, yes another complete gratuitous photo of men I love. This time one of the most attractive men who ever lived Gene Kelly...Swoooon.

7) Denise and James - Foxtrot - Toy Story 
I was really worried about this dance and the outfits and the song etc (Why couldn't they dress her as Buzz eh - that would be FANTASTIC!) but I thought this was beautiful storytelling, the opening section was quick but fun and the actual dance was elegant and simple and rather exquisite. I loved it
My Score - 8
Judges 8,8,8,8

8) Colin and Kristina - Argentine Tango - Goldeneye
I love this song, I am not ashamed to admit it. It's kind of sexy and sultry and makes me think of Pierce Brosnan...mmmm Pierce - you know that bit in Mamma Mia when Meryl Streep rips his shirt off? That's the best bit of the film...sorry distracted. Yes, dancing. I have no idea how Colin did at all as my eyes were firmly locked on the freaking gorgeousness of Kristina - everything about that dance was designed for that very purpose. The dress, the amazing lifts, the whole routine. And it was clever, Colin has been away filming all week and they had 10 hours of rehearsal! You'd never know it looking at that. Clever and brave choreography I applaud my leading lady once again.
My score - 7 (but a 10 for Kristina)
Juges - 77,6,6

9) Richard and Erin - Quickstep - 9 to 5
Well to be honest my expectations, after last week's faux Russell extravaganza, were very low, very low indeed but I kind of liked that. I loved the story and that Erin was the boss (and Erin's outfit was fabulous!), I love the sort of 30's vibe they had going on and I think he danced that really quite well. Really, Craig RH and I are very wise and urge this Richard and not Camp Richard to keeeeeep dancing!
My Score - 6
Judges - 6,7,6,6,

10) Dani and Vincent - Foxtrot - The Wizard of Oz
Wow! Dani has really found her confidence. That was so beautifully danced. Vincent created a lovely romantic mood and it was so light and surprising elegant and flowing. A really lovely surprise. Both Foxtrots have been highlights this week -has that ever happened before in SCD?
My Score - 8
Judges - 7,6,8,8

11) Lisa and Robin - Jive - Dick Tracey
Hummmmm, I didn't love this as much as the judges did. I did think it was the first time Lisa looked heavy on her feet and a little laboured half way through. But I still really enjoyed it and thought it was really fun and she is a sassy so and so and I love that they put her in a normal dress with her legs out rather than the tents she's been in the last couple of weeks, that cheered me up and she has proper decent pins as well. Go Lisa!
Me - 6
Judges 8,6,7,8

12) Nicky and Karen - Quickstep - The Mask
The opening was excellent, he really caught the character but once the dancing got going his posture is terrible and his neck disappeared again. Still his best effort thus far and his first dance I haven't all out hated so that's got to be good eh?
My score - 6
Judges - 6,7,7,7

13) Louis and Flavia - Salsa - Dirty Dancing
a) his head looks so much better and less stooopad with stubble on it
b) shoddy, shoddy, shody and shonky camera work
c) he didn't get the character brilliantly but
d) I FOOKING loved it
e) he is no Swayze though
f)is this the second time they've ended the show? Is that fair?
g) I'm finished now
h) honest

Me - 8
Judges - 8,8,6,8

*I make no apologies for this one! 

Overall a mighty entertaining show with more hits than misses I think, or the good definitely outweighed the bad and even the bad has it's own entertainment value. Tess was really less annoying than ususal and more confident and comfortable. Less said about Bruce the better. Craig was abnormally nice this evening - very strange I liked it though, Another wonderful show. Roll on the Results show!


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