Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Strictly Late part 2 The Results

The opening dance this week was utterly, utterly fantastic. I loved every second of it and have watched it again a couple of times. The routine the execution, the costumes and the music gelled together into something really wonderful. I find it really annoying to not be able to find out who choreographed this piece of wonderful. I think it looks like something Lacey Schwimmer would put together and I did read she was going to be part of the show this year, but no where in the credits or on the website could I find any information - and I think that's really bad. In Dances with the Stars - the USA version of Strictly they ALWAYS credit the choreographer and I think this should be standard procedure in this country too. Now off me high horse and lets laugh at Tess's dress eh!


Now, my friend Clare's mam reckons them there are pan lids shoved down her front but I reckon the spooky hubcaps have an hypnotising efffect. DO NOT STARE AT THE CHUBOBBLIES, You are NOT feeling sleepy!

So the first tension from hell segment reveals Sid and Ola are in the Dance Off, which is pretty much as I expected but I'm still a bit gutted but here to take our minds from impending horror is Paloma Faith channeling  both Shirley Bassey and bizarrely Carmen Miranda and somehow pulling it off! I thought she was wonderful - however her skellington dancers were shite.

Lens Lens, I love a bit of Goodman singing I do and the close up they did of Darcey in this segment has finally and completely won me over yar. I think I love her. I also loved Bruno's disbelief at Michaels quickstep fantastic. One of my favourite segments of the whole of Strictly. Which is a bit of light relief before we find out Colin and Kristina are in the Dance Off which was somewhat of a surprise.

And it's bye bye Sid. aw Sid, I love your face. Especially in the big geek glasses you wear when you're on It Takes Two. Sniff.

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