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Into The Woods - first looks

If you'd like to have a looksee over at the lovely Lee Robson's website you shall see some wonderful Simon Wyatt artwork from their story The Lang Pack for Into The Woods. It looks amazing people, amazing!

Strictly Come Dancing Week 9

Anita and Robin Brendan – Cha Cha Cha Ah, well. Not brilliant this is it? Anita’s spins are great and she makes them look very easy, but her little solo was well a bit easy and boring – it didn’t really work as a solo at all. She seemed very – to steal one of Len’s words – willowy in this dance and it just didn’t work. Except for Brendan who was lush, especially when he was singing along, aww cuteness! Me – 6 Judges - 7,8,7,7 - oooh I’ve turned into the harsh one! Just call me Craig dahhhlinks! Holly and Artem – Foxtrot Their little introduction bit at the school dance was brilliant, I have really warmed to Holly throughout the series – which surprises me a little, I didn’t expect to like her and I really do. This was by far her best dance; she utterly owned it and she looked like a professional! It was very sexy without being in your face. The kick section is beautiful and absolutely the only thing that marred this dance was Artem’s hideous hat. What were they thinking?!

Strictly Come Dancing Wembley

Strictly Come Dancing – Wembley Extravaganza or Nice to see you to see you nice, <<nice nice nice nice>> The Opening Number Wow, Craig as Brian May, acrobats, cheerleaders, Harry and Brendan wearing matching outfits like some sort of personal early Christmas present. This is how you start a show. Fab- u-lous!   Though as soon as the show resumes normal format the terrible echo becomes apparent and will stay for the whole show, a tiny bit off putting in the speaky bits. Robbie and Ola - Salsa Robbie’s intro bit had me laughing so much; he is properly lovely and funny. Sadly though this dance was far from his best, such a shame! I am not enjoying Ola’s choreography at all, and the poor bugger got another busted nose! I have to say though, he gives it welly and his facial expressions are brilliant! Don’t want him to go anywhere but think he may actually be in danger after this! Me- 6       Judges-5, 7, 7, 7 Alex and James – Tango Urgh, Bruce dancin

New Bloggage

My review of this weekends Thoughtbubble comic convention is up on the SFX Magazine website

Strictly Report Week 7

Strictly Come Dancing- Week 7 What do you mean I missed a week? All I will say about last week is that poor Jason was utterly robbed and though I was sad to see Brendan Lulu go I thought it was fair enough really. Oh one more thing how flipping ROCK is Artem to dance with a fractured spine! He is simply amazing and it was by far Holly’s best dance. OK, this week we see that because of said injury Brendan sexy bum is dancing with Holly but Artem is still choreographing the dance and off we go! Alex and James – Jive I thought this was alright, not outstanding (for outstanding jive action I direct you to watch this clip from Dancing with the Stars; JJ Martinez, American actor and war hero KICKS BOTTOM dancing a Jive to which they’d just been give the music they were dancing to 20 minutes earlier! )  I hated the little rag doll malarkey and I really disliked the song choice but I think she did a pretty good job. Me – 7, Judges – 7,8,8,8 Robbie and Ola – American

Into the Woods

The very fabulous and wonderful and chronically talented Sara Dunkerton has posted a couple of panels from her and  Rich McAuliffe's fab take on Red Riding Hood from Into the Woods, on her here blog - what are you waiting for? Have a look see

Strictly Come Halloween!

Strictly Come Dancing – Halloween Special Opening Dance Jason’s enthusiastic scenery chewing is the highlight of this slightly disappointing opening number. Its choreography is lack lustre, though the costumes and make up are outstanding.   Craig’s arrival on broomstick – fab-u-lous dahlink! First Of All This distracted me all the way through the entire show, what the bloody hell has Alesha got stapled to the front of her dress? Is it some kind of comforter/duvet? Did she just have a load of material left over when the dress was made and didn’t want to waste it? Was some Halloween ghoul attacking her? It wobbled about when she got excited and made her look like a right twonk. I couldn’t take anything she said seriously. She did a little harsh judging this episode – I think it was totally to distract from the duvet attacking her – it didn’t work Alesha, it didn’t work! Another thing – what is going on with the rehearsal segments, there’s no rehearsal just bonker, madne

More (sorry!) Strictly Stuff

Strictly Come Dancing Week 4 I was dead keen to introduce the presenters in the style of a bingo caller (novelty prophylactic dress – Tess and someone stick his head in a noose – Bruce) The A Man however feels this may be going too far. I take his sage advice. 1) Jason and Kristina – Paso Doble So the midwife hits the floor and is slightly less confident this week, however Kristina once again delivers brilliant and engaging choreography so maybe she should have that nickname! Once again massively entertaining and a great start to the show! My Score – 8 Judges Score – (harsh in my opinion and Alex thinks it's a fix) 6,7,7,7 Sad news, the A Man has already laughed at one of Bruce's jokes and we are now “on a break” oh dear! 2) Alex and James – Rhumba My utter contempt and hatred for Bruce grows steadily with every single introduction and I know by the end of the show I will be filled with a passionate fury, why just why can't

Strictly Stuff

So my lovely friend at work who knows I'm a big Strictly O' Holic asked if I fancied writing a bit of a report type thing each week after the show. I enjoyed writing it so much I decided to stick it on my blog - knowing probably only Lovely Lee, Delicious Iz and Beautiful Bevis are likely to read it but hey, it's my blog innit! So here we go: Strictly Come Dancing – BROADWAY BABY Opening Number : - Eh? Is this it? But...But its Broadway, they could do anything! Who’s the choreographer, let’s find out so I can punch them! Intro : - Once again I fail to listen to what the old bugger and the plastic lady are saying as I stare and stare at Barbie Tess’ face, there’s definitely been work done.   Oooh and now the parade of outfits at the beginning, I like this part! The A Man thinks Nancy looks HAWT, he drools a bit. I think Brendan looks HAWT, I am too classy to drool!   I think the SCD bods have seriously missed a trick on the red button commentary malarkey; they