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Strictly Semi Final

This is going to be quicker than usual - this time of year gets busy doesn't it I'm finding it hard to keep up with my Strictly obsession. I have 2 weeks worth of It Takes Two backed up and doubt I'll get to them. Still, here are my quick views on Saturday's Semi's 1) Dani and Vincent - American Smooth/Argentine Tango - Overall Judges Score - 78 The AS was sweet, elegant, pretty and bordering, though never tipping over into sickly. They followed this up with a sexy, sultry and exciting Argentine Tango.  This was very clever, showing two sides of the same coin, sweetness without sickliness and sultry but not sleazy. Well done Vincent, seriously fantastic choreography.The opening was incredible - just starting while the applause was going and before the music, this really set the sexy tone, it was a fantastic decision. I have always adored Vincent for you know Vincent but this year he has outdone himself in his routines and I have loved watching him. He'