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Links n Shiz

Wotcha folks Here is a link to a nice blog written by that Lee with all the links to all the comics we talk about on the latest episode of Small Press Big Mouth - out now for your listening pleasure Small Press Big Mouth Ep 42 - The Meaning of Grice Here is the link to a short blog piece what I wrote like for wondrous SFX magazine website Blog - The British Comic Awards And a slightly older blog I wrote because I forget to link it here and it's one of my most favourites that I've written Blog - Supergirl Also I really recommend listening to this fantastic interview with amazing artist Ron Smith over on the ECBT2000AD website - It's fantastic Ron Smith Interview Ok, that's it for now. Please remember if you are submitting for Into The Woods 2 the deadline is Sunday 31st March. cheers me dears

Podcasting is Brilliant!

I shall be recording a new episode of the Megacast tonight with the Wife Iz and FINALLY a new ep of Small Press Big Mouth with the other Wife Lee on Monday. In some sort of weird celebration here's some pics of me and my podcasting brethren - all photos nicked offa Facebook so if you tagged me I take that as permission to steal - just sayin! :-D

Into The Woods ...AGAIN

The time has come people; I’m finally ready – are you? Let’s make another book! What I’m doing After some real deliberation I have decided to stick with the Fairytale/Folklore theme for book two but this will be the last time I think (don’t hold me to that).  There is a definite atmosphere I am looking for in the stories, I will refer you to Into the Woods book one for an example. Prose examples I mentioned last time are anything at all by Angela Carter, Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman and any of Roald Dahl’s short stories, I think these are perfect examples of the tone I am hoping for, also see Porcelain and Unbelievable The Man Who Ate Daffodils in comic form.  And I do want it to have a similar “feel” to the last book. It will be entirely comic - not prose again this time.  The brass tacks   Money – there is none. I can make sure you get a contributor copy of the book and that’s about it I’m afraid. I will tell you that the first book had amazing reviews (a sel