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Originally written for SFX website in 2011. Absolutely from the heart. I feel EXACTLY the same way now about Mr D, except hornier. I'm just saying.  I can’t be the only one surely, who feels a frission of attraction? I mean, you spend hours and hours intimately wrapped up with someone, and they have the amazing ability to hold your attention for that entire time, it would be unnatural not to care what happens to them wouldn’t it? Every decision they make resonants with you, every dangerous adventure, thrills and scares you. You can’t help feeling a slight jealousy when they want to spend time with another woman, even if you can appreciate why and indeed the woman in question. You care about his friends and family and even his pets because he cares. You feel pain when he does, you recognise those emotions in his face and in his mannerisms, you know him as well as you know yourself.   And because you do then you can sometimes see the pitfalls approaching well be