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I've just been rooting through my ridiculously towering pile of notebooks (am I the only one with a notebook fetish? I fooking love them) of course I need something I wrote in one of them at some point, now so can't find it. Anyway I did find this, I can't actually remember writing it but it must have been during my last bout of insomnia several years ago - it made me smile so I thought I'd share it. Thursday Night Dogs barking Cars starting Boys shouting Girls laughing Doors slamming Walls shaking Glass breaking Sirens wailing. Stairs creaking Music playing Feet running Heels clumping House sighing Baby crying Him snoring Cat purring Me sleeping? Not fucking likely!  In other news, no Strictly bloggage this week as I was away at Thoughtbubble, which I will talk about next Whittle Waffle, so I still haven't seen the results show. BUT me and Izobel did watch The Hough and Amber Riley do their show dance on Dancing With The Stars, and though he

Podcasting Whore!

I had two new podcasts go live today. The first is the latest episode of Everything Starts With 2000AD, my co host this time is the marvellous artist Henry Flint. You can hear us talking about all things Prog 8  HERE and here is the cover and amazing, droolsome, utterly magical centre spread by Massimo Berlardinelli I also can be found on the latest episode of Geek Syndicate, which is a Thoughtbubble and Doctor Who special...which means I got to chat about comics and Who - two of my most favourite things! You can listen to that HERE and because I mention this photo of Patrick Troughton - whom I utterly adore you can look at it too, it's toggletastic darlings!  Oh FUCK IT's a few more PHWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAARRRR! And here is the clip from The Young Ones that I talk about!

Strictly Blackpool

Woohooooooo it's Blackpool week. I love this week, I love how hyper excited everyone gets, the OTT nature of it and how it has a sense of occasion. Lovely. Lets rock on...rock on...I'm so fooking funny! Firstly the opening dance with all the little kiddies and the whole cast and the older folks etc was wonderful I utterly loved it. Brilliant and we're off to a flying start Sophie and Brendan - Quickstep LOVED it. A very Hollywood quickstep, lovely storytelling and pace and so nice to see her a bit more relaxed and smiling - I think it's a hair thing yer nah. If you pinned my hair back so tight it didn't move for an entire day, I think I'd struggle to appear full o sexy too. But that hair flying wild she's FREE, FREEEEEEEEe! Nice. I also love how she really thanked the extra dancers for catching her so beautiful. Free and well mannered, go Sophie! Me - 9 Judges 7? 9,9,9 Patrick and Anya - Samba Those stupid Samba bumjobs I'm surprised we don

Strictly Winkleman

So, reet then. Late due to just watching the results show last night as it was the little ones  birthday at the weekend. Let's do this shit people! First off - my girl crush on The Winkleman is alive and kicking and what a frock me darlings, what a frock! Ben and Kristina - Jive Well, hello Sailor! Look, I am very shallow and indeed superficial and I geet find the dude incredibly watchable. Loved the routine and yes it was a little heavy and laboured but really, does it matter? Nope! Me -7 Judges - 4(Craig was probs in the huff he'd put his top back on...I know I was!) 7,8,7 *note this is the SECOND time Tess has forced a Judge Dredd ref in here  and this makes me like Tess - not because of the hideous joke but I too have a habit of repeating jokes I think are funny over and over again. I am worse than Tess though because I laugh at them too. Hugs for Tess and her SHIT jokes please! Fiona and Anton - Paso Doble  This suffered in the extreme because the bastard camera

Whittle Waffle Episode 3

Listen here Welcome to Episode 3 which may be even more rambly and rubbish than usual, but right, I didn't MAKE you listen so you have to take at least partial responsibility dude! Thanks again to the awesome Sally Jane Hurst  for my amazing theme tune Podcasts For Everything Starts With 2000AD and The Megacast Click HERE SPBM Special, How Not To Write Comics Battle Gods of Pod Reading Hound of the D'Urbervilles Dream London by Tony Ballantyne Comic Heroes SFX Review for Dept of Monsterology Doctor Who Magazine Telly The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Dish of the Day with Peter Davison! True Blood Agents of SHIELD Vikings Fever Ray Doctor Who Doctors Revisited Web of Fear The Ice Warriors Enemy of the World Just in case anyone thinks I force the kids into watching Auld Who, this is Tala watching Enemy of the World and the picture she drew me later on Spearhead From Space Pyramids of Mars Earthshock  and Death of Adric

Strictly Halloween

Let's kick straight off by talking about the opening dance. I love that everyone was involved, Bruno and his snake hips going mental on a podium always cheers me up. And I loved the little bit of Darcy and Len dancing, and Craig was shimmying like a mo fo in his chair. I just loved it, a real spectacle, in a good way! Woohoo!  * I forgot to make note of the judges scores for the first two dances - sorry! Patrick and Anya - Quickstep  Here man, how brilliant was this? Fab costumes, fab choreography, fast and engaging, the music was excellent. Good job dudes! Me- 9 Fiona and Anton - Charleston Was this the most boring Charleston ever? I think quite possibly, except for the deep and meaningful questions it throws up like why are they scarecrows? They don't do anything scarecrowey, there's no hint of comedic scarecrow type dancing of the Wizard of Oz variety. Why do they do that dreadful bit with the hoe's (there's a dirty joke there I'm not t