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Strictly Late part 2 The Results

The opening dance this week was utterly, utterly fantastic. I loved every second of it and have watched it again a couple of times. The routine the execution, the costumes and the music gelled together into something really wonderful. I find it really annoying to not be able to find out who choreographed this piece of wonderful. I think it looks like something Lacey Schwimmer would put together and I did read she was going to be part of the show this year, but no where in the credits or on the website could I find any information - and I think that's really bad. In Dances with the Stars - the USA version of Strictly they ALWAYS credit the choreographer and I think this should be standard procedure in this country too. Now off me high horse and lets laugh at Tess's dress eh!   Now, my friend Clare's mam reckons them there are pan lids shoved down her front but I reckon the spooky hubcaps have an hypnotising efffect. DO NOT STARE AT THE CHUBOBBLIES, You are NOT fee

Strictly Late!

Wotcha Strictly fans, I'm sorry I'm late with this entry - it's half term and my two terrors are keeping me on my toes - so if my spelling and grammar are a bit dodgy it's because there is no time for editing. Take your eyes off the little dears for more than a minute or two and the next thing you're steeping a five year old for an hour following a freak face paint incident - that's all I'm saying! Strictly Week 4 - Halloween Special! Opening Dance - to Thriller - mebbes a bit predictable but very well done and it's nice to see the celebs included in the group dance and Bruno was fantastically OTT. Then we move into Bruce's seemingly endless and joyless anecdote follwed by him dancing Gangam Style - which made my insides curl up and wither with embarrassment - thank goodness Tess joined in to ease my discomfort - slightly! 1) Dani and Vincent - Cha Cha Cha Ok. let's get wiggate out of the way, Freddie is blond and Shaggy is a redhead, a

Welcome To Hollywood Baby, Strictly Stylee!

Hollywood week kicks off with an outrageously Kristina heavy performance which I absolutely loved. Loved the fan dancing (oooer!), the old world glamour of the camera above/leg dancing shenanigans  I love Kristina - she is my favourite of the female Pros and this was just fantastic. Yes I'll definitely "Have a little bit of this" (That was my version of a Bruce joke - did you groan, didya?) And then Craig arrives dressed as the Tin Man, that did in fact make me giggle, I love Craig an almost embarrassing amount! On with the show! 1) Fern and Artem - Charleston - Mary Poppins I think that has to be the slowest Charleston I have ever seen, I was waiting for it to rev up and get going - and the comedy funny faces and the daft Charleston moves and they just didn't happen. It was elegant and I think Fern looked amazing but I really felt disappointed by this; although her backwards splits between Artem's legs was very impressive it wasn't enough to save

Dancing at the Movies

My friend Jenni just sent me this link and it MUST be shared. This is outrageously awesometastic or as Craig RH would say FAB-U-LOUS! Watch it RIGHT NOW!

Quick Results Show Bloggage

ALL HAIL THE RETURN OF THE MIGHTY WINKLEMAN...and now, now my Strictly viewing experience is complete. That's my girl! So The Big W is back and Tess is cosplaying as Greased Lightening, you know it's going to be a good show. And the opening dance was absolutely wonderful and a nice play on the return of the DANCE OFF! I really liked that they did that, I loved the switching between dances and the costumes were gorgeous and I really enjoyed the whole thing. I enjoyed it so much I really was tempted to rewind and watch it again but no..on with the show! So with all the pomp ceremony and tension we've come to expect and somewhat dread (and didn't Natalie Lowe look like she was chewing wasps the whole waiting time eh?) we find out that the first couple in the dance off is Johnny and Iveta and I think that is utterly fair enough. Then we have a break for relieved giggling from those who are through and one of my favourite parts of the Sunday show - Len's

Strictly Week 2

 Let's doooooooo it as Rik Mayall would possibly say.  Now, the show opens with Bruce speaking "street" well O.M.G. indeed is what I say to that and please, please look at the nice retirement homes. 1) Nicky and Karen - Cha Cha Cha dahlink Well, No Neck Nicky does charver dancing in his hoodie this week. Awful, it really was awful, I had to watch through my fingers. I do feel for Nicky though, he says he couldn't hear the music and winged it so that explains some of the awkwardness and oddness, but where was his pro? She should have appeared immediately to the rescue (we all know, including you Vicki, that Brendan would have been right there in his sparkly armour) instead of leaving him to wiggle. I remain unimpressed with Karen so far which is a shame, the last few new dancers have injected energy and been wonderful. But, hopefully next week will be better. My Score - 3 Judges - 4,5,4,5 2) Colin and Kristina - Viennese Whirl, erm Waltz As always Kri

Strictly Baby! Week 1 part 2

The Saturday Show The opening dance was fantastic, I loved it. Some of the parts that make up the Strictly Spectacle were somewhat missing in Friday's show but were here with a bang on Saturday. Though the Bruce and Tess show remains cringe worthy, I maintain my opinion that the BBC could save a fortune by axing the pair of them and bringing out THE WINKLEMAN ( I LOVE her!) 1) Kimberly and Pasha - Cha cha cha Pretty good and solid start here for Kimberley. Technically, it seemed pretty good if a bit soulless - like something was missing. Her hand movements aren't as elegant or beautiful as either Fern's or Denise's but a really good start. Judges Score - 7,7,7,7 My Score - 6 (ooh I'm harsh aren't I!) Pirate Score - 2 yars 2) Sid and Ola - Waltz I was expecting Sid to be properly rubbish I was so I was outrageously surprised when he turned out to be freaking brilliant! His facial expressions were fabulous, he really sold the dance and I was lef

Strictly Baby! Week 1

It's back! My favourite time of year coincides with the beginning of one of my TV highlights of the year. I love Strictly. I love everything about it (with the massive exception of Brucey) the glitter, the orange spray tanning, the "funny" training clips and Brendan's perfect bottom. I will once again be doing my big weekly review starting, well, right now people! Firstly, I need to say how over the bloody moon I am that the dance off is back this year, I really missed this feature and removed some of the fantastic tension that made the Sunday show an unmissable episode. Secondly, I welcome Darcey though somewhat reservedly, though honestly I STILL miss Arlene. Friday Night 1) Fern and Artem - Cha Cha Cha Fern looks amazing and though I thought this was a little slow for a cha cha cha and there was a little bit of mammy dancing about it that is entirely cancelled out by Fern's Fabulously Flirty Face henceforth known as FFFF. She is sexy as and no mis