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Whittle Waffle Episode 8

After a bit of a real world delay here finally is Whittle Waffle   Episode 8 And it's a slightly different from normal episode. I give a big fat Bristol Expo recap and mention these things: Bristol Recap and Podcasts 2000AD Writers Panel Alec Worley Geek Syndicate ep 220 Interview with Pat Mills Artist From Art The Hugo Awards Vox Day Stuff I Read Jenny Trout No More Ghosts - Valia Kapadai Stuff I Watched Battlestar Galactica Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Judge Judy Buffy The Vampire Slayer Doctor Who War Games Knitting and Spinning Nunoco Vintage Bouquet The closing music this week is my current obsession. I love Suzi Quatro and this is my fav of all her songs. I have to dance to this no matter where I am!  Find me on twitter @stace_w