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Into The Woods - first looks

If you'd like to have a looksee over at the lovely Lee Robson's website you shall see some wonderful Simon Wyatt artwork from their story The Lang Pack for Into The Woods. It looks amazing people, amazing!

Strictly Come Dancing Week 9

Anita and Robin Brendan – Cha Cha Cha Ah, well. Not brilliant this is it? Anita’s spins are great and she makes them look very easy, but her little solo was well a bit easy and boring – it didn’t really work as a solo at all. She seemed very – to steal one of Len’s words – willowy in this dance and it just didn’t work. Except for Brendan who was lush, especially when he was singing along, aww cuteness! Me – 6 Judges - 7,8,7,7 - oooh I’ve turned into the harsh one! Just call me Craig dahhhlinks! Holly and Artem – Foxtrot Their little introduction bit at the school dance was brilliant, I have really warmed to Holly throughout the series – which surprises me a little, I didn’t expect to like her and I really do. This was by far her best dance; she utterly owned it and she looked like a professional! It was very sexy without being in your face. The kick section is beautiful and absolutely the only thing that marred this dance was Artem’s hideous hat. What were they thinking?!