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Whittle Waffle THE RETURN!

It is my face!! And I'm back, well, we'll see how it goes but here is a pilot ep and hopefully it is just the same as the audio but with silly faces! And many interruptions from my arse hole Cat! Stuff I Read Stuff I Listened To                                                  Shagged, Married Annoyed   The Dresden Files                               Stuff what I watched Picard Farscape. But my crush on Claudia Black means this is the pic so ner Sabrina but my crush on Richard Coyle means this is get it! Knitting and Spinning My spinning wheels are the  Electric Eel Wheel Nano I love my magnetic orifice hook, oh yes I do! I also have a  Kromski Fantasia I have this walnut version which I think is beautiful. I very reccomend you have a look at  Third Vault Yarns  almost all of her yarns are geeky themed and the yarn I am using at the moment is called Winchesters, it is a Supernatural