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Whittle Waffle Episode 6: Be Vigilant, Be Pure and Stay Alert

The date was actually 10th May, who even knows anymore?! Things That I Read Tim and the Hidden People The Mysterious Affair at Styles  click to read it for free Blackberry Wine  click for blurb and interview with Joanne Harris Things I Listened To  Dirk Gently  click for BBC radio info and behind scenes info BBC radio production of Poirot  click to listen to Lord Edgeware Dies for free Things I Watched (all trailers) Knives out Futureman Afterlife S2 Spaced  Knitting and Spinning EEW Nano e spinning wheel Effortless Cardi Cat and Sparrow yarn and fibre ERRATA aka Mistakes I make in this ep!  I talk about how much I enjoyed the John Carpenter ep of FutureMan, I totally mean James Cameron. I also talk about the direction you should spin and ply and give entirely the wrong info. You do not spin and ply the same way as your fibre will be Over spun and will break. You are taking twist out not putting more in. I have no