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Originally written for SFX website in 2011. Absolutely from the heart. I feel EXACTLY the same way now about Mr D, except hornier. I'm just saying.  I can’t be the only one surely, who feels a frission of attraction? I mean, you spend hours and hours intimately wrapped up with someone, and they have the amazing ability to hold your attention for that entire time, it would be unnatural not to care what happens to them wouldn’t it? Every decision they make resonants with you, every dangerous adventure, thrills and scares you. You can’t help feeling a slight jealousy when they want to spend time with another woman, even if you can appreciate why and indeed the woman in question. You care about his friends and family and even his pets because he cares. You feel pain when he does, you recognise those emotions in his face and in his mannerisms, you know him as well as you know yourself.   And because you do then you can sometimes see the pitfalls approaching well be

Talk Geeky To Me

I absolutely love this blog that I wrote for SFX in 2013. I don't like the original title, which was The Passion of the Geek - I dunno what I was thinking, so I 've changed it. I totally can, it's my blog!  This is like every episode of Comic Book Men (have you seen it, I love it, the whole lot is on Prime, defo worth a look) the bit's that I like best anyway - the geek fighting, erm I mean 'discussions' , the standoff's ah yes, the passion!  I stand by everything I say here. Everything. Tala (my then 6 year old) still loves Tom Baker but also fell hard for CaPeter Capaldi as she used to call him, but no longer wants to marry him when she grows up. Probably for the best.  The passion of geeks is an amazing thing; it can be exciting and occasionally demented but stems from a place of love. Generally if you are a geek then you are a little bit obsessive and often in the good way that leads to one of my favourite things about being a geeky

Good Omens

So the Good Omen's mini series then, well, it really isn't the adaptation the fans of this beloved book will be craving. It is entirely the Crowley and Aziraphale show and that is both its strength and its weakness.   Strength because these characters are funny and adorable and we already love them and because Michael Sheen and David Tennant have been perfectly cast. Each inhabiting the skin of their character so utterly you forget what your own mental image of the two was like. And because the chemistry between the actor's is almost tangible. We see their relationship develop over 6000 years and it is hurt your heart and tummy lovely without being cloying or overly sweet or overly in your face. It is heart warming.  And weakness, because this perfect, wonderful relationship and character development is at the expense of almost every other part of the story. The kids man, where are the Them?  And where are the Four Horseman and especially the 'other' Four Ho

Yesterday Yesterday's Enterprise. Again, again.

Hullo again and here we are with another auld blog. Nothing much has changed in my opinion about this sublime bit o gorgeousness, Yesterday's Enterprise, not only outstanding Trek but outstanding telly.  I think as I am aging I am even more nostalgic for 80's and 90's telly. I mean I didn't watch Seinfeld first time round but I am caning about 4 eps a night of that at the moment. It isn't like we haven't got a plethora of awesome geek telly at the moment, and the list of things I want to watch is longer than reasonable. But these things, they hold such a place in my heart. Such a big place. Is it because this is the telly that shaped me, this is where my geekdom developed? Maybe, but it really is just good telly too.  The only update really which is also very old news is that at time of writing I did not realise that the sexy bit stuff who plays Castillo (still waiting for his spin off show) was one of the T-Birds in Grease 2. I mean, who knew? 

Robin of Sherwood.

Here we are again, another auld SFX blog. This time a review of Robin of Sherwood, from about 2010 I think. I also think after reading this I absolutely need to watch this again and soon. Sometimes shitty weather is a treat isn't it, or at the very least permission to curl up with ya knitting and your spicy tea, mmmm spicy tea and watch something delicious. And this is really delicious. For more than one reason.  It is probably on Netflix of Prime by now I would've thought. Did you love this? Did it haunt you? Sometimes unbidden, does this scrumptious face just pop into your head? Robin of Sherwood: Nothing’s Forgotten…Nothing’s Ever Forgotten   When I was a child in the 80’s the unmissable television programme of the time was Robin of Sherwood. My overwhelming memories of the series were: Michael Praed being the most beautiful human being I had ever seen, the blond replacement being a bit rubbish and the episode with the Hounds of Lucifer being the most terrifying

Oh so my blog is still here? Phew!

It has been a long time since this Whittle has Waffled hasn't it? Who knew blogs even still existed? Well ya bugger. I recently found a whole load of (unedited) blogs I wrote over the years for the SFX website and other things like Hub etc and thought I might stick them on here so I can still find them. Some not relevant, some really old reviews - but most still purchasable books or watchable films or telly so yer nah, whatever. It's my blog innit. So bits and bobs of my writing. Coming at you in it were. First up this, written in 2009 I think. Probably for SFX can't remember. (I have added pic and video) I don't know what Alasdair said to me, if you're reading this mate and you remember - let me know! FYI, I feel this passionately about Superman now, if not moreso. (Would I still argue for it being best Comic Book Movie ever made...I'm not sure. I need to think about it, maybe that is another NEW blog AHA!)  I tried to make my 15 month daughte