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Comic Book Outsiders

I was really chuffed that the lovely Stephen Aryan asked me on CBO to chat about the Dresden Files. They are one of my most favourite series of books and the opportunity to have a good old gas about my deep love for Harry Dresden, was too good an offer to refuse And you can listen to it here   This is also a good opportunity to redirect you to a blog I wrote for SFX magazine on a similar topic I really do love Harry

Megacast Episode 6

So the latest very late Megacast is now live you can download/listen here I know, I know there are another 2 Megazines released since then, but first I was ill (shingles ergh) and then life got in the way, but finally it's done, and out. I love podcasting with Iz, it's like being in the pub with my mate yakking about comics. Really fun.

The Fairytale Anthology

It's been a little while since closing time on submissions for my fairytale anthology so I thought it might be quite nice to do a little update and give you lovely peeps a look at the full contributor list. I have some absolutlely wonderful creators involved with this project and I'm over the moon with the response and literally can't wait for artwork to start hitting my inbox. First things first, the title, dum dum duuuuuuuuuuuuhhh: Into The Woods: A Fairytale Anthology And the fabulous contributers and their websites are: 1) Matt Gibbs and Alice Duke 2) Alexi Conman and Dunk Nimmo 3) Nick Papaconstantinou and Bevis Musson 4) Richard McAuliffe and Sara Dunkerton 5) Scott H arrison and Lee Grice 6) Daniel Clifford and David Wynne 7) Lee Robson and Simon Wyatt 8) Ollie Masters and Valia Kapadai 9) aka Stuart Tipples I'd also like to share with you all a couple of tasters to whet your appetites, lovely character designs by the superb Sara Dunkerton an