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No Strictly Blog

I'm very sorry there will be no Strictly bloggage this week as my youngest currently looks like this: So I haven't even had a chance to WATCH the damn thing yet. Hopefully all systems will be resumed as soon as her head stops spinning round. Anyone wants to offer their version I am happy to post it here!

Strictly Shorter

Reet then me darlings, it's that time of the week again, this is going to be short, sweet and with minimal perving (hahahahhah - you don't really believe that do you?) Anyhoo Keeeeeeeeeeep reading: Sophie and Brendan - Foxtrot Lovely, she managed to look really relaxed and elegant and old Hollywood to perfection all the way through this. Fabulous frock dahlinks! Scores - Me - 9 Judges 8,9,9,9 Fiona and Anton - Rumba (?) OH NOES it's return to the Dell'Olio's/Hall/Widdecombe state of affairs. Howay man bonny lass, that poor boy has been through enough. Yeah, I honestly think her biggest problem is her nerves, can they not like, sedate her or summick? Or a couple of G&T's usually sorts me out. They're going to be in trouble fairly quickly if things don't improve Me - 5 Judges 4,6.6.6 Mark and Iveta -Cha Cha Cha   (for some reason in my notes at this point I have written "urgh Brucie I could VOM !" I have managed to block out of my

Strictly Late

Ok my fellow Strictly devotees here is the shit: Opening dance was as dull as bloody ditchwater and Bruce is back...still dull dancing is one hundred per cent better then nay dancing so who am I to whinge. Also, in some hideous DNA malfunctioning error my 6 year old has decided she really loves "that funny man who does the funny dance" so she's not allowed to watch it anymore! Abby and Aljaz - Jive Stompy and a bit slow but a week 3 jive is never going to be that outstanding (mind I said that about a week 2 charleston and look what Sophie did!). Anyway not bad enough to mock not good enough to rave over. She did look beautiful though, another fantastic costume week! Scores: Me - 6 Judges 6,7,8,7 (Len is deluded!) Patrick and Anya - Foxtrot Perfectly pleasant, quite stylish actually if a tiny bit slow. Scores: Me - 7 Judges - 6,7,7,7 Dave and Karen - Paso Doble Telly - give up and go home now because you will never, ever beat that! Horrific and compelling

Strictly - It's BACK!

I'm shocked really how many of you nutters have asked for the return of The Strictly Blog! I love youse for it so it is back, but I can't do all the pics and shiz as it's just too much work and I'm ill. So just the words people I hope that's ok! So here we go - Strictly Week 2 and anyone who has ever read my blog before will know I did a flipping HAPPY dance around the living room when I heard there was no Bloody Brucie this week - WINKLEMAN all the way! I wonder if she'll marry me, I love her sooo much!  On with the dances: 1) Susanna and Kevin - Tango Man she looked AMAZING, the hair, the dress, her already gorgeous face almost Drag Raced up. Stunning. A bit spaghetti armed and hesitant but lovely job, not sure about the choreography, he's  a new boy eh...he has a way to go I think, still we're off to a flying start! Scores - Me= 7.  Judges = 7,8,8,8 2) Tony and Aliona - Charleston (apparently!) Oh dear, and ahhhhh bless. It was blatantly ru

Whittle Waffle Episode 2

Whittle Waffle Episode 2 which you can listen to HERE And here's links to most everything I waffle on about: Firstly, massive thanks to the outstandingly fabulous Sally Hurst for the amazing theme tune! Other podcast pluggage for Everything Starts With 2000AD TV etc Agents of SHIELD Sherlock Comics and Books Blood Blokes by Adam Cadwell Commando  and Keith Page The Hound Of The D'Urbervilles by Kim Newman Tove Jansson : Clip from Tales in Moominland website Dancing Tove Tove Jansson and Sort Of Books SFX blog on Short Stories by moi Doctor Who Revenge of the Cybermen  Beautiful Arundel Silver Nemesis The Lodger                           Cyberbums! Knitting The Knitting Goddess Ravelry The Shetland Trader The Knit Studio Beautiful Black Friars and The Knit Studio   Scrumptious Socks!                                                          Spinning