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Strictly - Finally!

A "Friends" style opening, I have to be honest I didn't think it was that great but Alice (nearly 12) thought it was hilarious and chortled so I have to approve. 1) Dani and Vincent - Samba I really loved the routine with the hints of Beyonce in there. Her musicality is really good and I thought this a gorgeous sexy samba to start off proceedings. Dani also looked fabulous, I loved the frock. Me - 9 Judges - 9,9,9,9, Alice - 8 2) Kimberly and Pasha - Tango LOVED it, insert Stacey's normal ravings about Pasha's brilliance at choreography and letting his partner shine. I loved the story, the routine, the music, the mood - everything. I thought it was shit hot! Me  - 9 Judges - 8,9,8,9 Alice Revel Horwood - 8 *oh another racist remark by Bruce towards Pasha, I'm really finding that annoying - does anyone actually find the moron funny? Shuddap Lee. 3) Victoria and Brendan - Salsa I think that the lifts were really, really good, but her hip

Strictly Wembley

Wembley Week, wooohooo but booo are we here already? It's going too, too fast! So, I loved the judges intro and the pro's opening dance through the ages. The celebs in 80's stylee could've done a much better dance at this point surely? But the feeling of a "show" and spectacle were there and I totally enjoyed it. But then sorrow of sorrows - Bruce is back with (oh for fucks sake!) more Gangnam Style? Really? Probably went down better with the live audience then it did with MY FACE! 1) Lisa and Robin - Samba ((perv alert)) Well, I personally think Robin should wear this outfit all the time, and be all smeared in oil, it is a look which works very well for him! Also BLOODY HELL with the splits! I thought it could have been much sharper and was a little sloppy in places but the entertainment value was high. The camerawork was annoying again and remained so throughtout the entire show - grrrr Me - 8 Judges - 8,8,8,8 (Tess did a funny joke, I forget


I'm afraid this weeks Strictly blog will be very late. With Thought Bubble and fantastic company all weekend I have not had an opportunity to even watch Strictly yet (I'm so terrified of spoilers I can't even tell you). We had an amazing weekend and I do have several deadlines before I can even get to watching the thing so it will be done and it will be here but probably not before Thursday. Sorry to all that love the Strictly commentating. To go in some way to make it up to you all here's some Dick Van Dkye for ya!

Strictly. The Bruce Free One!

Not only Bruce free by Winkleman heavy - this might well be the best episode EVER! Though they have to make the opening all about the stuttering auld duffer I still LOVED it. The girls work very well together, Tess is much more confident, funny and likable. It should always be like this. ALWAYS I say! 1) Denise and James - Paso Well, I found James incredibly sexy during this Paso, but thought Denise was a little wobbly and it was not as sharp as it could've been. I thought it was good and I enjoyed it but I thought it lacked fireworks somewhat. Just missing something. Might be just me considering the judges response though which is fair enough Me - 8 Judges - 9,9,9,9 2) Richard and Erin - Charleston Pretty good actually, really fun to watch, his gurning is quite spectacular (faceography Craig, eh? eh? ) It was the first proper Charleston we've seen this series and I appreciated that too. Good job Erin! Me - 7 Judges 7,8,7,7 3) Louis and Flavia - Waltz Technic

Strictly Week 5: The Gimmick Free One

By the time the endless flipping Smartphone joke finished I was starting to get really, really excited for next week's Brucefree installment. It's ALL Winkleman, ALL weekend and I cannot bloody wait! 1) Kimberly and Pasha - Salsa I really, really enjoyed this, a fantastic opening to the show. Another wonderful routine, I think Pasha is flipping fantastic, I really do and Kimberley if fast becoming one of my real favourites. She had fantastic hip action, the lifts were spectacular - and I loved the backwards fall she did from the judges table - that must've been very scary! Also her dress was absolutely gorgeous. An amazing start (also I love Pasha and his little bum chin - love him!) Me - 8 Them - 8,8,8,9 2) Lisa and Robin - Tango Well, I think it quite obvious that this style of dance does not suit Lisa at all, and honestly I don't think she has performed better than her week one Cha Cha. I was disappointed with this. BUT, I loved the beginning and the fa