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Wot I did on me summer holidays like - week 2

Saturday was my birthday. I found it a bit overwelming. I saw my parents on my actual birthday for the first time in as long as I can remember. They'd travelled up the night before and were relieving me of my kiddiewinks on Saturday lunchtime for a WEEK! I was really spoiled rotten present wise, my mammy - on her own mind - had scoured wool shops and secured me about 4 jumpers worth of wool, all beautifully presented in baskets wrapped in cellophane and my dad had chosen me a vintage knitting book and that's just the tip of the iceberg really. My A man outdid himself and seems to be on a mission to make the whole fooking week a birthday celebration. And that's not going into the spoiling I got from the rest of my friends and family. It was just really terrific. We all had lunch at the lovely Rattler with my bestie mate with boyfriend and baby in tow and then all of a sudden it was just me and A in a VERY quiet house. Not for long like as we had pub plans doncha know!  We we