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Episode 9: Not Live


Welcome to Episode 9 of Whittle Waffle. This time I am not live but next time I hope to do it live on the Youtubes as I am lazy sooooo lazy. 

This time I talk about: 

Stuff I Watched

The Umbrella Academy Season 2


Red Dwarf

Also you can listen to the ep of Geek Syndicate where we interviewed Rob Grant HERE

Once Upon a Time

 Me Jimmy, Heidi and Jon on Comic Beat Insider taking Time Bandits

Stuff I listened to:

The Sandman audiobook

Scientology Fair Game

Stuff I Read


You can see here: Tiny Rocky Coast (Warning links go to Ravelry!) Which is the little cabled cardi
                             Olallie the leg warmers. Knit out of my handspun! 
                             Socks I don't use a pattern but here is a good pattern should you need it - How I make my socks by Susan B Anderson

and finally not pictured but current work in progress is the Zoe Fan Stitch Jacket by Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard from the book Labour of Love you can see pattern info here -

Also I watched a fantastic lecture and then took a knitting class from amazing teacher and designer Patty Lyons. Links to all her stuff on her website  here:

and I HIGHLY recommend her youtube channel for the best knit chats, theatre talk, tips, tricks and all round fabulousness
This was a fab ep of mine! 


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